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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Walking Man

My Baby is walking!

Oh, and he likes Pop Rocks!

Christmas Time

Well we had a great Christmas this year.  Santa was really nice to all of us and spoiled us rotten.

McKay is a big fan of the wagon as long as nobody is touching it while he is playing in it!  Hopefully that will change when we start taking it outside!

The kids love their wagon!  We are storing it in the basement for now and look forward to lots of walks come spring time!

First look at all that Santa brought us.  Kimber loves her kitchen!  I have been wanting to get her one but never got to it so it is perfect!

Ok, I totally understood what I got here after reading a few lines but was so confused as to how it all was coordinated.  Santa is a very sneaky man and made the arrangements of delivery for while we were at church!  Honestly, I started crying just now when I was watching the video because I am so excited for this!  I LOVE IT!

We forgot to bring this present over with everything else so we brought this in after breakfast before opening all the presents.  I am looking forward to going out with the kids and sledding with them.  Benson is getting to a really fun age where he really wants to get out of the house and do stuff like this.

Here is the present that I worked hard on this year.  I got sick of the kids using Cakey's blankets as capes so I made each of them their very own cape.  They look so cute wearing them.  Kimber looks pretty funny with the mask on as it gives her little slits for eyes but she is so cute being 'Batman'!

We are just about ready for our cruise.  I knew I had to post this before we left so that I wouldn't be so behind when we get back.  We drop the kids off tonight and will be listening in on them while they sleep so Brooke and Aric can get out for one last date before being bombarded by kids.  We leave EARLY tomorrow morning and will be soon enjoying the warm Caribbean sun.  So  Excited!!  I am taking my camera unlike almost every other trip lately and will take lots of pictures!

Hope you all have a great New Year's!  Talk to you next year!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Concert

Today Benson's class gave a Christmas Concert.  They were so cute singing and doing their little actions.  Unfortunately Benson was NOT interested in singing so he stood there the whole time.  I videoed it but blogger is giving me troubles so I can't upload it here but I have a link to Facebook to watch it

Part of the class.  I couldn't get all of the kids in with my camera.

Here are the kids last week.  Benson got sick at school on Wednesday and came home and laid on my chair watching a movie.  He ended up falling asleep there after dinner.  I felt so bad for him.  Kimber wants to most things that Benson does so she snuggled into Daniel's chair.

Things are going well here.  We are getting ready for Christmas and Benson is very diligently keeping our countdown going for us.  I just have to make one last thing for each kid and then we will be done getting our presents ready.

We may be getting excited for after Christmas activities, 12 days until our cruise, if you were wondering.  I have to give a big thank you in advance to Brooke for taking our kids for us.  We hope you all have a great holiday season this year.  I just sent out our email Christmas letter today.  If you didn't get one and would like one please leave me your email either in the comments or message me in Facebook.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

We are alive!

Just wanted to let you know we are still here.

My MIL took us out yesterday to get pictures taken of the kids and we got a copy of one pose on a cd.  This was such a cute pose!  I didn't want anything Christmas in the photo but McKay found some ornament balls and would not let them go but he was content so why should I care?

We also went and saw Santa.  This was my first time taking my kids to see a Mall Santa and with 3 kids in the picture it almost made it worth the money!

Santa asked McKay what he wanted and Auntie Rachel suggested a spoon to chew on.  He then asked Bens what he wanted and Benson replied with 'I don't know'.  Santa told him to think about it and have Mommy  help him write a letter and send it to the North Pole.  Santa forgot to ask Kimber so I asked her if she had told Santa what she wanted and she timidly said 'Des-a'  (Dress-up clothes).  I had been working up Kimber to see Santa so she wouldn't have any tears when the time came.

Merry Christmas everyone!  24 days until Christmas, enjoy!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


So this week has been interesting.  I will start with Tuesday.  I told Benson that when I came down stairs that we were going to cut his hair to even it out.  When I got down stairs with the clippers I found THE scissors from our last incident out and little bits of hair on them.  I looked at his head and found it cut again in two spots.  He trimmed up his last job and then cut some more hair farther back.    The 'best' part of this is that he went into a locked cupboard and got the scissors out to cut his hair.  (Sarcasm!)  I proceeded to take the #1 guard and buzzed his hair right down.  Hopefully it is decently long by November 30 when we have pictures booked for the kids.

On a colder note Winter has come!

It started snowing on Thursday and the kids were chomping at the bit to go out and play in the snow.
Benson being a ham out there.

Kimber making her ugly noise but she looks so cute and funny!

This looks like a Portland amount of snow that would shut down the city.  By the time Daniel got home from work there was a couple of inches on the ground.  Now there isn't even a spec of our pretty green grass showing out there.

Here are my little rugrats tonight.  Kimber and McKay have crazy hair going on and Benson just doesn't have enough hair to be crazy!

Daniel hosted an open house at his work on Wednesday to get word out to family and friends that he is working.  We had a good turn out and were able to see some friends and family we haven't seen in a while.  He got a little bit of business out of it to which is great!  Hint, hint, if you are in the Edmonton area and need a great Chiropractor come visit him at the Century Park Pain and Health Clinic.
(780) 628-7219

Thursday night we went to the first showing of Twilight's Breaking Dawn Part 1.  We enjoyed it and look forward to seeing the next one.  Due to technical difficulties we didn't get into the theater until 10 minutes before the show was supposed to start and it started about 20 minutes late we got free tickets to use and special edition Twilight concession cups.  Boo-yah!  It was a good night though.

Last but not least, can I just say that I love eating New York Steak from The Keg?!  We went there last night for a date and loved it!  I am looking forward to our cruise when I could eat them more often!  On that note, have a great night!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Pa'a!

Just wanted to let you know we were thinking of you today.  Hope it was a great birthday and we love you!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Have a 'Froggy' Birthday!

I can hardly believe that my little baby is turning 1 already!  This year really did go by way to quick!  At this point with the other two kids I was either ready for another baby or already pregnant so they didn't seem like babies to me anymore but McKay is definitely my little baby still.  How can he be 1 already?!

I made a frog cake this year for my little frog.  It seems to be tradition that our kids get an animal cake for their first birthday that represent them.  Bens was a monkey, Kimber a little miss piggy and McKay is our little froggy.
PS- Bulk Barn rents cake pans!  I used a butterfly cake pan for the body of our frog and it only cost us $2.40 to rent it!

The lily pad cupcakes.  I used one of these as McKay's smash cake.  I had fun making these ones!  Hmmm, maybe that is because it was 12:30 in the morning...

Chowing down on Costco pizza.  This little guy ate 4 pieces!!

We had a lot of family come over to celebrate with us tonight.  Thanks everybody for coming and for all the presents!  Yes that really is a box of Cheerios... we may be getting low on our supply!  Kidding.  He loves them though!!

New touque just in time, it snowed last night!

Grandma put a touque in the bag for Kimber and Benson as well.  Kimber enjoyed sporting hers for all of us.

McKay thinking wether or not he liked the cake... it was a smash!

It's not easy being green!

Friday, November 4, 2011

One of THOSE weeks...

I have been in a slump this week.  Really agitated and not any fun to be around.  Wednesday was a good kick in the pants... well maybe a rip in the pants as that is what happened to my one and only pair of jeans that fits me.  I sat down to change McKay's diaper and I heard my pants give way.  I only got them at Christmas.

Yesterday I started feeling a little bit better.  Daniel took me out to DQ for a blizzard.  As my birthday is coming up we got a bogo coupon that helped us justify buying them.  This morning I was feeling even better.  I came down and found Benson snuggled in my blanket on the couch trying to get some more sleep.  It was so cute!

Can I just say that my kids are not perfect and neither am I.  I have always prided myself on the fact that my kids don't play with scissors and would never cut their own hair.

Well that is what I thought before this morning.  As I was talking to my cute Benson all snuggled up in my blanket and took a close look at that adorable face and his hair Brooke and I cut last Friday and what did I see?  A patch of hair missing that was cut right down to the scalp!!!!  This picture doesn't even do it justice!  To Benson's defence he immediately told me where I could find the scissors and they are up very high now.

Taped confession.  Before.

After... and explaining why he did it.  Grandma aslo came over to help me give the haircut as I wasn't sure how short to take his hair!

Yesterday McKay got his first time out.  Kids are so cute in their first time out as they don't know what it is and have fun sitting there on the step swinging their feet.  I figure that now is the time to get him used to time outs so later on when he really needs them he understands them.

Today McKay got his second time out, it was for the same offense so I am being consistant.  I put him back on the step a couple of times and then said he could come out.  At which point Benson decided it was a good idea to play with McKay on the step.  Next thing I know McKay is laid out on the floor bawling not moving and Benson is sitting right beside him.  I went over and got after Benson and then picked up McKay to find blood all over his face and hands.  His lip cut open and was bleeding pretty badly.

Benson is at school now sporting his new haircut (which will be re-cut next week to even it out some more) and McKay is sleeping in his crib.  McKay got a wonderful lunch that consisted mainly of freezies.  Good thing I got those to hand out at Halloween!

Kimber was pretty good today and kinda floated around the caos.  She has needed attention, I guess she is feeling like a middle child today.

Hopefully sometime this weekend I will get to go shopping to get new jeans so I have some pants to wear besides work out clothes.  Hopefully Benson will start getting into less mischief, and hopefully McKay will feel a lot better and his fat lip will go down a bit.

Well 27 years old can only get better from here when 26 is ending like this, right?  Oh, the cougar comments can be spared this year, I really don't have the sense of humour to deal with them right now.  Just a warning.

Here's to a better day, week and year!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to everybody.  I hope you all had a great one!  We had an awesome time.

Our Halloween started out with Benson getting ready for his Preschool party.  Here is our pirate chomping at the bit to go to the party!

Here he is trying to sing the Ballad of Bad Beard from Phineas and Ferb.

Here is Benson with his BFF from school.

Here they are playing at one of the stations ready for their party!

How cute are they?  My Pirate, Puppy and Dracula ready to go out.

We were pretty busy last night.  I made them scarf some dinner down at 4:30 so we could go to the mall and visit Emily.  We got there and saw her around 5:45.  They got a few pieces of candy there but then we went to Auntie Brooke's house for a good scare!  Their front hallway was awesome!  I didn't take any pictures but I am sure she will be posting some soon.  From there we left for Grandma's house around 6 (we were supposed to already be there) to see everybody there.

We got to see Auntie Jade, who is Benson's new favorite Aunt because 'they are friends' and see most of the family.  My FIL was in a radio contest for the spookiest laugh in Edmonton.  We thought he should have won but we may be biased!!  After visiting for a bit we went Trick-or-treating around my In-Laws house and came back for a short rest.

McKay has fallen in love with the piano!  I loved watching him dance and kick his feet while he played.

After this we made one more quick stop at Daniel's Aunt and Uncle's.  We then came back home and Daniel took the older 2 out through our complex and a few house right nearby.

Here are my Trick-or-treaters coming home.

The Kids and their loot!  Way too much candy!!   

My cute little doggy.  Her nose was so smudged before we even left the house last night!  She was so excited to have candy to eat!

Daniel let the kids stay up for an hour and eat some candy before bedtime.  Lucky for me they slept in a decent amount this morning!  Benson was in hysterics though when we put him on the toilet before we went to bed.  He was so tired he was bawling.  I hugged him for a bit and then put him back in bed.

Monday, October 31, 2011

October Fun.

The past few weeks have been fun and eventful around here.

Kimber got to go shopping with Grandma and Rachel one day and here she is all ready to go.  She looked so cute.  This was her first time wearing her boots and they are a little bit slippery so when they came to the door she got so excited she fell right on the floor!

The next day she got to have a special Daddy-Kimber day.  As this was Daniel's last week before starting as a Dr he took the kids out for special days.  Kimber went swimming at the Terwilliger Rec Center.  After that she got to go to the mall and go shopping at Claire's.  I guess she was in HEAVEN!  She didn't want to leave but she picked out a pretty purple necklace that she has been hard pressed to be parted with since!

McKay loves to dance!  He has been doing this quite a bit lately.  This is a hymn that I know is in the Samoan and Japanese hymn books but it isn't in the English one.  I love the tune and reminds me of when I was little and my Dad would rock me back to sleep while singing it in Samoan.

Here is Benson dancing to it.  Kimber wouldn't dance so I won't put that video on.  I couldn't help but laugh when filming it!!

McKay snuggles are the best, I was a little jealous of Daniel!

I look after Naomi every Thursday while Brooke is at work so here is video of her.  Proof to Brooke that she really is a happy girl while she is here!  It helps having her favorite cousin around to entertain her!

Here is my handsome Benson ready for his Daddy-Benson day.  He got to go shopping and bought a police set with gun, badge, radio and more and a motorcycle all curtesy of the dollar store.  After that he played at an indoor playground at the Terwilliger Rec center and then went swimming after.  To complete his special day he got to eat at A&W.  He just loved his day with Daddy!!

Here is my big boy McKay.  I can't believe he is turning 1 in 2 weeks!  I am not ready for that!  He is getting into everything now!  I wanted to put this pictures up so that Shar could see how cute he looks in this outfit complete with Oilers slippers!

We carved our pumpkin for FHE last week.  Benson was a little bit leery of putting his hand into the pumpkin but eventually got some of the guts out for us!

The grand architect for it was... Benson!  Daniel had Benson draw the face on with pencil and then Daniel sharpied it and cut it out.  He did an amazing job at the design.  I was so proud of him!!

This weekend was pretty busy.  Friday night Daniel and I went to Galaxyland for $5 each and went on a few rides each before heading off to a Halloween party.  I don't have a picture of our costume (pigs in a blanket) but here is the 'spooky treat' we took.  I went more for the gross end of spooky and made Kitty Litter Cake complete with poop.  The kids were so excited to help me crumble the cookies and place the poops.  We still have left overs and Benson will ask me if he can have some poop.  This is as close to having a cat as we will ever come!!

Benson really was excited about the cake, I promise.  I like how Kimber really tried to say kitty litter but I am not sure what she actually said!!

Have a Happy Halloween!  I will post our costumes and what not later.  Enjoy!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Festive Fun!

We have been starting to get into fall and all the great holidays that it brings.  Last weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving.  Yes my American friends we have it much earlier in the year but we don't get Turkey overload in a months span!  Last Saturday we started off our festivities with the ward Fun Run.  No I didn't participate but I went for the breakfast they had afterward!  After that McKay, Kimber and I went and watched the family Turkey bowl.  Starting last year Daniel's family has done an annual Turkey bowl with my SIL's family.  It was fun to watch, well lets be honest, I read a book while they played!

Daniel's Aunt found some really cute onesies for the younger two.  I am having a hard time believing how big McKay is getting.  I know that I say that every time I am on here but he is turning 1 in a month!

Kimber's onesie is a little bit too accurate!  McKay has had fewer bite marks but Kimber keeps them coming still!

I was so proud of McKay for listening on demand here.  He is such a sweet little man.  I am starting to think I need to give him a haircut but I don't want to lose his curls.  I suppose I will do the sides and then try and trip up the top.

Kimber was so cute when she started listing everybody that she loves.  Sorry she didn't get the entire family but she did pretty good considering her attention span suits her 2 years!

My little monkey!  When I put her down for her nap last week she was looking so pretty and had a sleeping bag on.  This is how she emerged!  How could I not laugh and take a picture!

McKay and Grandma enjoying the football game.  Poor Daniel got kneed near the beginning of the game and had to sit it out.  He is doing much better.

Oh Kimber!  She loves playing dress up.  It actually reminds me of me when I was little.  Unfortunately I don't have the picture I was thinking of on my computer!

Anyways, we are getting ready for Halloween now.  Daniel brought home a pumpkin today so let the fun begin!  Benson is wanting to be pirate for Halloween.  Kimber will be donning our dog costume and McKay is not the same age the other two were so he can't continue the tradition of being a Monkey for his first halloween.  I guess we will skip right on to being Dracula for him!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


We finally got a playroom together for the kids.  Daniel worked really hard last Thursday and the kids have loved playing down there ever since.

Daniel was looking for some carpet to put down there but long story short that didn't work out.  He went to Wal-Mart instead and bought the colored mats.  Daniel's brother Jared gave us the love seat that we put down there.  It is nice to have down there for us when we are watching them.

Only problem I see with it is that Kimber can't open the doors or turn on/off the lights.  Yesterday she wanted to put a couple of toys back in there that she had brought upstairs and sat on the bottom step just bawling.  She has been pretty good at perfecting her crying.  On Monday she started crying when Benson left for school.  I told her that he was going to school to which to retorted pointing to herself and bawling, "My school!"  I told her she could maybe go next year if she started going potty on the toilet and talked better.  She went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet with no success.  Yesterday Daniel took McKay out for a few minutes and she started bawling again.  I told her I need some help singing songs because I didn't think I knew them.  I asked if she knew them and she cried "Yes".  I then asked if she would help me sing them and she cried "No".  It was so pitiful!

McKay has been a sad boy lately too, with good reason.  He pushed his 5th tooth through this week.  It wasn't the tooth I was expecting though so we are still waiting for more to pop through.  He is getting too grown up!  My niece Naomi is turning one in a week and just makes me realize that McKay's birthday is coming quickly behind it.  I don't know when he grew up!

Daniel is doing well.  We are waiting for his license to come through.  It seems like it never will but I am enjoying having Daniel home so much.  He is working 2 days a week at the clinic doing non chiropractic related work.  Oh, we got a second recliner so now we watch TV like an old married couple side by side in our recliners.  Have to say that I am loving it!

Not too much else is going on here.  We are enjoying being so close to our family.  The weather is in full swing fall which is nice.  I am just waiting for the morning that we wake up to snow though.  What are the chances it will wait until after Halloween?  Pretty slim I think!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I am not sure I was really ready for this!  Benson is in Preschool now.  He had his first day yesterday and I am happy to report he did very well!

All morning he was super excited to go and kept asking when we were going to leave.  I had him pack his snacks on his own.

Getting his backpack ready.  A big thank you to Brooke who came over and looked after Kimber and McKay while I took Benson to school.

How cute is he?

Please excuse all the crying but Benson was too cute, I couldn't cut this out of the post!  After the camera was off he added 'I love you'!

"School was fun.  Exercising was fun.  I exercised with a soccer ball.  I played in a play kitchen.  They have a little house in the school with a little kitchen.  I like preschool so much I want to go to it all day."  That is from an email we sent to my Mom this morning telling her about his first day.

His teacher told me when I picked him up that he is ready for school and excited about it.  I guess he told her at one point that he 'already knows the classroom'.

Picking him up from school was a bit interesting.  I brought the younger two with me.  I ended up carrying Kimber while Benson pushed McKay in the stroller.  Benson kept letting go of the stroller while we were walking and I kept telling him to hang on to it.  This ended up with me screaming my head off as I watched McKay roll over the squared off curb and into the road.  Luckily my scream startled the one car on the road and I ran out and grabbed the stroller.  Benson is no longer allowed to push the stroller.

 Now a cute video of McKay eating spaghetti last night.  I don't know if he is scared of Benson now or if he really doesn't like Benson trying to feed him, this is what happened right before Benson's cute video telling us about his day.

Now I must be off.  Kimber is sick again today and I am not feeling so hot right now and should use the kids nap time as down time for myself!  Enjoy your day!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


So I told you a little bit about our backyard when we first got here.  I never did get a picture of my friends but they were there!  Now I look forward to our kids being able to go out into a backyard and play.  We have only been married 5 years so I think it is about time that we actually had a backyard.

This is our lovely before of the yard.  I wish I had gotten a video or picture of the old fence but it was decrepit and the gate did not open without much persuasion.

Here is our lovely backyard now.  I love it so much!  But for now it is to look at until the sod takes.  Can you tell that I am a bit excited about the backyard?

Thanks to the help of my in-laws we got most of the work done before Daniel got home from work today.  Jordan did a great job with the grunt work and the rest of the family took care of the kids while we worked.  Benson actually helped Gramps replace a toilet, well with the beginning of the job.

Daniel and I also went and test drove some Hyundai's and got 4 free movie tickets.  I think we will be going on some dates soon!

Now to end here are some video's and pictures of the kids eating oreo's and showing me their guns.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Poor Girl.

My poor baby girl is sick today.  She is cute regardless what comes out of her though.  I hope she starts feeling better soon though!

This is Kimber earlier today.  She has been in pretty good spirits despite being sick.

When I got jer out of bed this morning she had a piece of tape Daniel had put on her foot last night (he tapes Bens' foot nightly and she doesn't like being left out) wadded up and said she had it in her mouth.  She then started gagging and spat up a bit but I thought it was nothing.  Guess not!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

August thus far.

Keep going after this post as I have done 3 postings today!!

So we are starting to get settled in here in Edmonton.  First I want to say Thank You to all our friends in Portland.  I really couldn't have made it through all of the packing/cleaning without all of you help!

Meaghan was awesome and kicked us out of our house when we finished the cleaning.  She arranged for sleepovers for Benson and Kimber and then Daniel, McKay and I slept at her house so we could just be done at the apartment and could just get up and go the next morning.  My Father-in-law also flew down and helped with loading the truck and then drove the truck to Edmonton in one straight shot.  Thanks to Rob and Rachel, well Rob as Rachel was gone, who let him crash there so he could get up early and leave.

My in-laws found us a town house and made all the arrangements for us to get in early and get settled in so quickly.  I feel really blessed to have such amazing in-laws!  I love you!

Daniel is settling in really well at the office.  He has a lighter schedule for now as he can only be there when Curtis is.  Once he is licensed he will go in a lot more.  For now I enjoy his 3 day week and long lunches!!

Other than settling in we have been pretty busy.  We were lucky enough that Curtis decided to take 1 day off which meant Daniel had almost a week off from work so we went out to Gram's cabin in the Okanagan.  While we were there we met some cousins from England and took them to Fintry which is nearby and climbed the stairs to the falls.  I would say hike but it was just stairs.  I had never done it so Daniel said we should go.

I had the camera on the wrong setting so most of these are blurry.  Sorry!

McKay was sleeping to Grandma stayed with him at the cabin so here are the rest of us on one of the platforms.

I was not wanting to have my picture taken as I was just waiting to get into the lake and wash my hair.  Daniel really wanted to have documentation that I actually went to Fintry so here we go.  I was there!

My Father-in-law being a good sport wearing Kimber's hat.

We loved being at the lake and regret that the trip was so short!  We are looking forward to going back out there next summer!  Daniel enjoyed getting out behind the boat again.  He wakeboarded, slalomed, and surfed.  I was finally convinced to go kneeboarding.  They have a kneeboard that the rope hooks onto so you don't have to hold yourself on the rope while you get up.  Perfect for me!  I went out 2 different times, the first time ended by me getting hit by my elbow (?) on my thigh and getting an insta bruise which is finally going away after a week and the last time by my arms getting tired and I let go and waved to them as the drove off.  It was fun.

I have been enjoying being so close to family.  Brooke stopped by yesterday on her way to Wal-Mart so I offered to look after Naomi while she did her shopping.

Kimber loves Naomi but she can be a bit of a bully so I have to keep an eye on her.  I did her hair which she wasn't a fan of but she looked cute!

McKay started to wave at me so I got out the camera and got mesmerized by the camera.  He is growing up way too fast.  He has 3 teeth now, 4 and 5 should be coming through any day now though.  He is crawling all over the place army style but tries to get up on all 4's.  The other day we went swimming and he was crawling on all 4's in the shallow end so he can do it.  He has also started to pull himself up on stuff.  My days with a stationary baby are quickly coming to an end!

Hey You Gu-uys!

Yup, that is right!  We went to the Goonies sights!  We had to keep the Wutzke/Palsky (now known as the Wulsky's for writing purposes) entertained while visiting us and they wanted a beach day so why not do something we hadn't done before?

On our walk up the driveway I told Benson what we were doing.  He had never seen the movie so it meant nothing to him.  A few days later though Goonies was on TV so he was allowed to stay up and watch it.  Lucky guy!

Benson having fun.  He was more excited about this rock then the house.

Mommy and Benson infront of the house.  McKay and Kimber fell asleep in the car so Daniel waited down there for us and then he ran up after to see the house.

Auntie Brooke taken by Benson.  If the camera is out he wants to take pictures!

We stopped for lunch in Astoria at a Thai restaurant.  In theory that sounds great but I am not that adventurous and I had 4 large sores scattered through my mouth so this was less than good for me.  I like the cone of rice though.

Benson trying to get out of the County Jail from the beginning of the movie.

Daniel succeeded in getting out.

Along our journey we stopped in Seaside to look at the beach there.  Benson was cold so he used Daniel's sweater.  Did I mention it rained the entire day?  Oh yeah, it was sunny, even hot in Portland that day and we missed that!

Finally made it down to Cannon beach.

Kimber loved walking in the water.  She also biffed it on the sand about 4 times and had to keep washing off in the water.  She had fun with that the first time and then didn't want to do it anymore.  She was so cold!!

Yes, this was all on our 5 anniversary.  We learned on thing that day.  Wulsky's we love you so don't take this personally.  We are never hosting on our anniversary again.  If anybody wants to come for a visit around July 15 we will neglect our hosting duties for the day and you will be babysitting so we can go out and have a proper date.

This reminds me of a picture we took on our honeymoon in Banff.

Me trying to hold the rocks at Canon Beach.

From here we drove to Newport to catch the drive in theater.  We followed the GPS and it took us on some random, windy, back roads.  We kept losing the Wulsky's and found out later that Brooke who had been in the back of the van was very car sick.  I should have known as she gets sick looking at a merry go round.  We saw Kung-fu Panda 2 and Green Lantern.  The kids enjoyed the first and went to sleep after.  Daniel and I both also went to sleep as Green Lantern was less than steller but Daniel wanted to see the ending so we stayed.  Bonus though is that we went and saw the midnight showing of Harry Potter in 3D the night, or morning, before so that was awesome!!