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Saturday, August 29, 2009


I may have 'forgotten' Bens' blanket at Nana's house. This only shows some of the holes that Bens chewed on his blanket. On the way up to Magrath my Aunt saw him find the holes and put his toes through it... he was pretty proud of himself. I actually kinda miss the blanket as it was so soft and I wanted one for myself. It is ok though because it had a nasty smell to it! Anyways, have a good day!

A little behind!

Warning... there are a lot of pictures here!

So this is from around a month ago... I'm not exactly sure if it was before our trip to the Okanagan or not. Sometimes when we say 'Cool Dude' Bens will copy us and give thumbs up. Too cute!

I keep telling people that Kimber reminds me a lot of Brooke. Here is a picture that I just see a lot of Brooke in her. It is usually when Kimber is asleep when I see the resemblance.

So I believe those pictures are from before our trip to the lake. We had a great time there. We got to see everyone in Daniel's family except for his brother Jared. Unfortunately our trips just didn't overlap. We did get to see a lot of extended family while we were up there. We left the day before the family reunion started so we got to see some of the family that was already there for it. It is so great being able to see family! Hopefully we will be getting some pictures that I can post soon. I took the camera up with us but never got it out to take pictures!

So the last post was the day that my Grandma died. I left the next day with my Aunt to go up and help get ready for the funeral. The day after we got up there my Grandpa said he wanted to go to the Cardston parade. (Every town in Southern Alberta has a parade for their town celebration). Grandpa said that Grandma was having a great reunion with family so we could go have some fun. Bens really enjoyed it! He is starting to understand the concept of running out to get candy.

There is an RCMP officer that lives in the apartment below my Grandpa and he agreed to pose for some pictures in his uniform. No they don't wear these all the time... only for show or parades I guess.

Here is my Aunt Rhonda with the officer.

Bens wasn't too sure which is why my Dad had held him in the other picture.

My mom loved how Kimber was crossing her feet while I fed her so she captured it!

Here is a beautiful picture of me. Not really, I was really tired from driving the day before!

Kimber standing on my tummy. She grew so much while we were up there! She actually rolled over while we were there. My Mom and Dad saw it as well. She rolled from her tummy onto her back. She then tried to roll over again but didn't make it. She hasn't tried since then, Thank Goodness!

Last weekend our friends put together a photo scavenger hunt. The rules were that you could only have a compilation pictures of it included three things. Here is Bens 1) shirtless 2) on the toilet and 3) hiding!

So most of you know that we have a dinner group every Sunday. This week was way past our turn so we finally had everybody over. Bens saw us using some tape and decided he wanted to have it on his eyes. I put it on his forehead and then he moved it over his eyes. He then wanted some more on his nose. This was the finished product. He is so funny!

Bens also got really attached to Brandon and kept going over to have him read books to him. Then I guess he got tired and just laid down like this.

I guess he was happy while he was there!

Last night our ward had at county fair themed party complete with fried chicken, elephant ears and a greased pig chase for the kids. Bens didn't join in the chase but this is what he looked like when we got home. I don't know exactly how he got dirt on his face like this but he had fun. Actually the dirt could be from Chandler tackling him... one of the funniest things I was all night. They were out on the softball field and all of a sudden Chandler went up and took him down!

So somethings that have happened recently that have had pictures taken of....
Bens's wall of color. He had a package of crayons in his room just after we moved here and two crayons disappeared. We have completely rearranged his room since then but could not find them. A couple of months ago the orange one appeared and was taken care of. Last week the green appeared with a vengance! Bens colored his wall during nap time. 2 words... Magic Erasers! Bens helped me clean it up.

Another adventure was during Bens' nap this week. He was bored and didn't have his sleeping bag on so he finger painted his window, window sill, carpet, shirt, stuffed animals, blanket... the list goes on... with poop. He is now being potty trained. That is all I am going to say about that.

Here is to another week. Hopefully less things happen! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sad Day.

Well... today is sad. I found out this morning that my Grandma died. I knew it was coming but that still doesn't prepare you for it. This is the first death in the family that I have really dealt with. I did hope that Grandma wouldn't have to deal with everything she has been dealing with over a long period of time but it was still a shock to hear it this morning. Daniel and I are trying to figure out how we are going to get me back up to Canada for the funeral. Yes this will be my third time back in Canada since the beginning of June! (side note... last weeks trip to the Okanagan was great... more to come later)

Two weeks ago there was a celebration in Magrath for my Grandma as she turned 80 in May. I wasn't able to go to it but it sounded like it was a nice program. I am grateful that I was able to see Grandma so much over the time that I was in Canada and that she was able to meet my little Kimber Anne.

Four generation picture of Innis women.