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Thursday, March 13, 2014

February Fog

I feel like February just flew by!  By the end we were so busy that it carried right into March!

Here are a few photos of my cuties.  I don't have very many of Benson as he has been at school and then I went to Southern Alberta for a couple of weeks while he stayed at home for school.  Boy did I miss that kid!

In January DQ had a customer appreciation day with everything half off.  Naturally we bought an ice cream cake  that said Happy Birthday!

Daniel's youngest brother's birthday was at the beginning of February so we broke out the cake to celebrate even though he is in Jamaica!

We sent him some pictures to let him know we were thinking of him!

Three of my cuties playing while Bens was at school.  They made this bed and asked me to come see.  There were pretty proud of themselves!

The end of February I had surgery down in Lethbridge. My doctor up here scheduled an appointment for me the same day I already had surgery scheduled down South.  Things work a little too slow up here for me!  All went well and I am in the process of healing now.

My parents have been amazing through all this.  The younger three kids had a great time playing at Nana and Papa's house while I was in the hospital and recovered before I came back up here.  Now my Mom is here helping as I get back to my normal duties.  Benson had a blast spending lots of time with Grandma and Gramps while I was gone and was able to live a bachelor life with Daddy on the weekends!  Now I feel like March should be just starting but here we are about half way through!

Taylor has been come quite the little girl the last little while.  She has started saying "Note No" (don't know) quite a bit and uses it correctly!  She also loves to say "No", shake her head and then do or take whatever you have for her.  She is getting really quick on her feet too!  She loves to dance and run with her siblings.  She has learned to do the stairs by herself now as I can't carry her.  She is being forced to grow up in some ways but she has been ready for everything!