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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Clean Up!

The other day I was cleaning and trying to get ready for the party but that can be difficult with kids hanging around.  Benson kept asking to help me with dishes and mopping.  Finally I stuck him out in the backyard with rubber gloves and a garbage bag.  Kimber was chomping at the bit to get out there too.  Why would I say no?  They looked adorable!

Shortly after this Kimber had taken off her gumboots and was walking around in her pretty white socks.  Resolve Spray'n'Wash did wonders with them!

Oh, keep reading as this is my third post today.  I know blog overload!

McKay Boy

I realize that I haven't been putting very many pictures on the blog of McKay.  Well really I don't take as many pictures as I used to.  Here are some pictures of my McKay Boy.  These pictures are about a month old but they are better than nothing!

Oh I love the tongue!

Benson loving his brother.  I am having a hard time keeping Benson away from McKay these days.  He loves him so much and wants to show him everything that he does.  Hopefully in a couple of years he will feel the same when McKay will be following him around relentlessly!

McKay looks so cool in this picture!  He is growing up way too fast.  He has started to really use his hands and loves holding rings now.  Also his new found love is eating his toes while he is naked.  Seriously, I put his diaper on and he stopped eating his toes and got really angry at me.


We celebrated Benson's birthday this past weekend in good old Pirate Style!  I let Benson decide what he wanted to have for a cake this year and he said he wanted a treasure chest.

I now know what I would do different next time...have a solid base instead of piecing it together.  I know that sounds so obvious!

The party was in the morning so we served fruit and punch... I also wasn't into making tons of stuff this year!

Sterling decided he wanted to chill with Benson for a while.

This a clip of a few of the presents that Benson got.  He got treated really well this year.  Some of the big presents not shown are his new big boy bike with training wheels (he also now has a helmet to go with it) Weeble Wobble slide that is also a present for Kimber's birthday and last night he got an mp3 player.  It is great, he thinks it is an iPod and loves that he can listen to it whenever he wants.  Yes Bethany, I am borrowing you page as those are really cute pictures of Benson and Kimber.  Scroll down Bethany's post and you will see the pictures I am talking about!

This might seem weird but Bens was super excited for this present and the next one!

We ended the party by doing a treasure hunt for the favor bags.  I think the kids enjoyed that a lot and it was a good excuse to get some of the bodies out of the house... it was a tad bit full!  Ok, I have tried to upload a video of the hunt but can't seem to make it work so just take my word for it that it was beautiful outside and the kids had fun!

Friday, April 15, 2011


Here are the pictures from my trip back home.  Thanks for sending the pictures Mom!

Kimber came into the living room sporting my Mom's special socks.  You can see one of the peppermint candy tassles.  She was in pretty good spirits considering she had gotten her shots that morning.  I have been having a hard time keeping clothes on this girl lately.  She thinks it is pretty funny too.  She has gotten a sassy streak in her lately.  Shades of things to come!

We are in the midst of growing Kimbers bangs out.  She is growing up so much!

Brooke's "Bir-day" party.  We both got presents... rubber gloves that say 'Queen of Clean' on them.

Special birthday hug.  Benson really was so excited about this and worked on it all day long!

Blowing out the candles.  Naomi looks scared here but she thought it was pretty exciting!

Cousins.  Like I said in the last post Naomi is a month older than Benson (did I just do that? I meant McKay) but they are already very close in size!  Since they got weighed together McKay was weighed again.  April 5 he weighed 17 lbs and 7.5 oz.

Naomi and McKay with Nana.

Nana with half of her Grandkids.  About a week later two more of the grandkids came for a visit so we only missed out on seeing 2 of the cousins while we were home!

Kimber all ready for church.  The week before Naomi's dress was more of a shirt so we leant this dress to her.   Got to love clothes that cover a lot of ages!!

About a month ago Bens and I were watching Oprah and Gayle's big Camping Adventure.  It was their first time camping... ever and the they tried S'mores for the first time.  Since then Benson had been asking to go camping and to have s'mores.  While we were a Nana's we planned to do a fire in the fire pit but with all the snow we had to settle for s'mores from the microwave.  I think the kids enjoyed them!

Kimber didn't actually eat to much of it but she enjoyed getting messy!

Here we all are enjoying the yummy s'mores.

Since coming home we have been working on a new schedule for ourselves.  It is a work in progress but we are getting better at it.  Benson has started having quiet time in our hallway upstairs.  That has been sanity for me.

McKay update... we started rice cereal this past week.  I decided on our way home he really was ready to eat solids.  I was eating a cheese burger while feeding McKay and he stopped eating and refused to eat anymore and stared at my burger.  Hmmm, he is growing up too fast.  Yesterday he turned 5 months old.

We are in the midst of planning Benson's birthday party.  I am in denial that my baby is turning 4 in just over a week.  Where did all that time go?  We decided yesterday that we are going to do a Pirate cake.  Benson is super excited to help me make it.  We'll see how that goes!