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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Heritage Days

On Saturday we went to Heritage Days down at Hawrelak Park.  They have over 50 pavillions (tents) set up to visit and get to know many of the cultures that Edmonton has.  When you get there you can buy food tickets and as you go around you spend between 2-8 tickets for different food and drinks.  We had a lot of fun.  Daniel and I have never been to it together and the kids enjoyed riding on the bus and walking around.

I will try and mention the countries that I show but I don't remember all of them.

Japanese drumming.  It was really impressive!  I could feel the big drums in my chest.

T was eating her foot.

All three kids resting.

When we went to the Netherlands.

Yummy Mango Orange slushy.  McKay eventually stopped asking for it and would push it away if you gave it to him.  I didn't mind, more for me!

Indian dancing.  This was a dance that was actually from Pakistan.

Bens pointed out the boy and girl and said he like the boy better because he was gold.  Now I am not sure if there really is a gender difference or not so please don't take offence if he was wrong!

I really wanted to go to Heritage Days last year but thought it would be better not to as you have to take the bus to get in there and if I had gone into Labor that would have been difficult!  As it turns out I had Taylor on the holiday Monday.  (Heritage Days runs Saturday through Monday.)

August... so far!

August has been pretty fun so far.  Kimber has been at Nana and Papa's all month, we are reuniting with her tomorrow!!

McKay was watching TV and was just attached to the balloons!

We celebrated Taylor's birthday and Benson coming home last week.

Miss T with Grandma.

McKay running full tilt, he was a little wound up.  My BIL has a video of him tackling Benson to the ground!

I just love this picture!  He is just so happy!

Me enjoying the party.

Benson got a few presents.  Basically some back to school shopping!

He Loves Ironman!

?  I love your expression!

Not too sure about her new jacket.  She will love it come fall1

A couple of her favourite presents.

You can see how much she loves them.  Right after this Daniel got hit in the face with the dog.

Birthday/welcome home cake.  I made it colorful like Brooke's birthday cake.

She didn't care about blowing out the candle, only touching the cake!

She really loves cake!

Who wants more?

Bens lost his front tooth finally!  Nana and Papa thought the tooth fairy was going to come to their house but it hung in there until he put his foot in his mouth on Sunday.  He literally put his foot in his mouth!

Taylor got her first time out on her birthday.  She cried really hard when I put her there but by the time the camera came out she was pretty happy sitting there.


July seemed to just fly by!

Brooke and Aric came and spent a week with us.  It was fun being piled on top of each other in our little house.  We went to see Les Mis for her birthday.  Aric stayed and looked after kids for us as we had only 3 tickets.  Thank you Aric!!

We also had some of Brooke's friends over on her birthday for cake.  As you can see, I had fun making it!

We also celebrated out 7th Anniversary.  Kimber and McKay helped me get the balloons home with out losing one.  I tied a memory to each of the balloons.  It was fun to read and remember them with Daniel that night.

Taylor has been quite the mischief maker these days!  But how can you not just adore that cute face?

I mentioned in my last post that I went to my 10 high school reunion, well now I have a picture to post of all that came.  It was really fun seeing everyone.  I didn't get to talk to everybody but it was just fun to be around them again.