Just thoughts and updates on our little family!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Long Weekend

Just to warn you there are a lot of pictures here!  Have I mentioned I am loving my new camera?

For the long weekend (Victoria Day) we went down to Magrath and stayed with my parents.  My brother and his family are living there right now so it was a full house!

On the Saturday McKay got hit his lip on a porch swing.  Poor kiddo was just bawling but sure enjoyed his 'medicine', a popcicle!

It was rainy so we went swimming in Lethbridge.  After dinner Daniel and I took the kids and visited his cousin who just moved to Magrath.  It was nice visiting and we look forward to seeing more of them when we go down.

Family picture, one day we will get one where everybody is looking!

Sunday afternoon was nice.  We went for a walk to the Spill Gates.

Benson found some deer on our walk.

Kimber wore the monkey backpack but only wanted Nana to hold the leash.

We also found some fox on our walk.  Here is Papa showing Kimber the fox.

Of course there was a short stop for throwing rocks in the creek.

Taylor enjoyed being outside.

McKay and Taylor riding in style.

I love this picture of Kimber, no real reason, I just love it!

Just to the left white railing is where Daniel proposed to me a just over 7 years ago.  I love that spot!!

Kimber walking with Papa and Nana.

Bens and Audrey taking a short rest.

Yummy!  I love this guy so much!

She sure loved going on the walk!!

I love baby feet!  She has crazy toes though!  The look much better than when she was born but the are still pretty squished together!

On our way back to my parents I crouched to take a picture of the horse and it stood up for me and posed very nicely!

Nana doing story time before bed.

My Mom has a neat tunnel that kids enjoyed playing with!  We even had a card table with and tent on it at the end of one of the tunnels for them to crawl to!

McKay peeking out!

Always on the go!

I love my baby snuggles!

Daniel went through a lot of effort of putting the grass skirt on Kimber and as soon as he was done she did this!  Oh well!

McKay's lasted a little longer though!

We went and visited my Grandpa and he showed us some things he found during the war.  It was neat hearing him talk about some of those things.

We had a bonfire and roasted hotdogs for lunch before we left and had s'mores for dessert!  Yum!  The kids were crazy when it was time to leave, especially McKay.  For anybody familiar with Magrath and area, McKay was asleep by the time we crossed over Pot Hole Creek!

We stopped in Strathmore and visited with my sister and her family and my brother.  Here the BJ's were building with mega blocks... they actually got a pretty big tower by the end!

Sylas caught red handed with Miss T's sippy cup.

Happy babies, got love 'em!

Kimber and Gnomie, they really do like each other!!

We had a great time visiting with everybody!  We sure did enjoy getting home and getting into our normal routine again!

We will end this post with a few cute random pictures, mainly of Taylor!

Love this face!

Squish Face, a favorite around here!!

Mother's Day

I was spoiled this year!  I will only share one picture from my fabulous morning which consisted of breakfast in bed and being showered with presents.  I was in full wake up mode which meant I looked 'hawt'!

Benson painted this for me at school.  I almost started crying it was so sweet!

My morning continued on with church and having Benson and Kimber sing to me in Sacrament meeting.  I was so happy seeing them up there!

After a nice nap we went to my in laws for dinner.  Everybody the helped out with dinner did a fantastic job!

Miss T with Auntie Rachel waiting for dinner.

The kids had a blast running around the backyard.  Kimber wore her Sunday best over so she got an old t-shirt to run around in.

McKay had a blast running around.

Sweet action shot of Bens jumping off the canoe.

Our little sweetie enjoy eating outside.

Benson ready for dinner to start.

Really ready!

My handsome man bringing dinner out.

We got to talk to Daniel's brother Jordan who is serving his mission in Jamaica right now.  It was great seeing him and we thought the time went way too fast!  It was great getting to hear him so excited about missionary work and being able to see his excitement and love for the work and the people of Jamaica!

Daniel made my favorite cake!

Kimber enjoyed playing at Grandma's, she was pretty sad to leave at the end of the day.


We have had some fun around here lately.  This post will be dedicated to the random photos of our lives!

This is just pure luck of taking a picture at the right time.  Taylor doesn't know how to blow kisses but she will look cute when she does!

Benson in his new seat at the table.  He is excited to be sitting my me now.

McKay showing off for the camera.

Kimber's turn for the camera.

Taylor eating Alphabet Beef and enjoying it!

My poor little girl was sick a couple of weeks ago and was so pathetic.  She was like this for an afternoon and started to bounce back after a good nap so luckily it didn't last long.

McKay loves when I make 'roni' and getting to play with the boxes is a nice bonus!

Princess Kimber...  What else can I say?

For Benson's actual birthday he wanted to have Costco pizza and while he was picking it up with Daniel he chose a tuxedo cake for dessert.  Proud of my boy for picking such an amazing cake!

We ate by candle light so when Benson blew out the candles Kimber and McKay got to blow out some of their own.

Daddy/Daughter picture!

One of our favorite pictures of Miss T.

Looking a bit more like herself.

Sisters, they have a love/hate relationship.  Before the picture they were laughing and after they were crying!

Combo of my new camera and such a cute baby makes for lots of pictures!

Some of them being funny!

McKay loves having time in front of the camera even if he does nothing!

I broke out the Top Secret Disguise envelope a couple of weeks ago and this dashing young man came around to play!