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Friday, April 27, 2012

April Showers!

So I have had a lot of posts lately so I feel like April Showers is appropriate.  Not to mention all the rain and snow we have been getting lately.

Here is Kimber after church on Sunday.  We finally got her some new clothes which we are saving for her birthday in 2 months but we gave her one new dress to wear in the mean time.  Her dresses have become more like long shirts.

It took me a while to get a decent picture of her standing an kind of smiling.

What took even longer was a decent picture of these two together.

This was the best picture I could get of Benson smiling.  He takes after his Uncle Jordan in the picture arena and likes to make silly faces instead.

For some reason my kids liked getting piggly wiggly's from Auntie Brooke.

Kimber's turn for a piggly wiggly.  I gave her one then she asked for Brooke to give her one.

Naturally from giving piggly wiggly's we moved on to giving wedges.  Kimber started this trend but hers is not on video.  My kids like piggly wiggly's better than wedges though.  Yes my sister and I like to tease the kids a bit.

We have my niece for a few days while my sister is re-cooping in the hospital from her c-section yesterday.  I gave Naomi a ponytail and I think she looks just so cute with her hair up!

Most of you have heard the horror stories of Kimber bar fight attacking Naomi in the past.  Lately they have been getting along better which is better for me!!  They ate breakfast together yesterday at the kiddie table.  They really do like each other.  As Brooke mention on her blog, they have been holding hands when they are walking around outside and stuff like that.  I feel there is a light at the end of this tunnel!

McKay has really liked feeding himself lately, to the point of giving a blood curdling scream if I even try to even help with a different spoon.  I am not ready for him to not be my baby anymore.

As I mentioned earlier I have my niece right now which means I have a new nephew!  Sylas Alexander was born yesterday at 5:56, if I remember that right, and weighed 9 lb 13 oz.  Daniel and I took Naomi down to see Mom and Dad last night and to meet Sylas.  He was eating the whole time we were there but seemed like a great addition to the family.  Hopefully later today we can go see him again and hold him.  We will see.  I don't want to overwhelm Brooke with my kids in the hospital so we may wait a bit on letting them meet Sylas.  Benson was pretty excited that he gets to share his birthday with Sylas.

Well that is about it.  I have run out of things to say and must face the facts.  I have to go do dishes, clean the house, make and cake and look after 4 kids today even though I am beat and want to watch 90210.  Yes I am watching that on Netflix and enjoy it.  One of my guilty pleasures is sappy teen drama soap operas!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our Happy Birthday Boy!

Here is our big 5 year old boy!  I can hardly believe it has already been that long!  He has already been spoiled today and has more presents and a party to come!

As a special birthday gift he got new glasses!  That is right he is taking after his Mommy and getting glasses at a really young age!  I think he looks so handsome in his glasses.  He is having a bit of trouble understanding that he has to wear them all the time.  He got his case out and put them away because he didn't feel like wearing them.  So I went into iPhoto and found some lovely pictures of me when I had my first glasses.

Can I just say it was the 80's?!

Well we have lots planned for our birthday boy.  We are going to Grandma and Gramps' to do hot dogs and hamburgers as per the Birthday Boy's request with a birthday apple crisp for dessert.  On Saturday we will be doing a family party for those that can make it.  I think it will be quite small as it is a busy weekend.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Fun Times at the Bateman's

Here are a few of the crazy things that we have been up to lately.

Princess Kimber with all her pretty jewelry!

Cakey wearing his awesome wig!

Cakey sitting in the middle of the laundry!

Benson's special blanket boots in naptime!

What is better than shirtless dance parties?

Easter 2012

The kids sure enjoyed Easter this year.  The Easter Bunny made a special stop at our house on Saturday before we went to Grandma and Gramps' for dinner.  Auntie Rachel came by to see the kids do their egg hunt.  Good times!

The kids baskets.  Bensons is the woven one he got from school and he really wanted to use it.  We bought McKay and Kimber some new pails as we got rid of what we had when we moved.  I was in a bit of a purging mode!

McKay enjoying his spoils!  We eventually put a bib on him like we did Benson's first Easter.

Benson finding all the 'difficult' hiding spots.  He may have started the hunt last but he sure did clean up the most!

Well that was our Easter this year!

Monday, April 2, 2012

We're Back!

So the kids and I took off for Fairmont last week and had a great time!  Grandma and Gramps took us and then we met up with  Great Grandma and Grandpa Streibel while we were there.  Unfortunately I forgot my camera so I will post pictures of our fun times once I get copies of the pictures.  We will just say that my kids are little fish and loved going swimming everyday!

This video is from the Thursday before we left for Fairmont.  Naomi and McKay were loving looking at the snow.  They looked pretty cute just sitting there.  McKay was especially excited.  He started doing a new action to show he wanted to do something.  He would point at himself and then at whatever he wanted repeatedly.

McKay has really grown up this week.  He can say Bubble, which he is in love with,  and he has started to sign more and please when he wants something.  He has also gotten a lot of personality.

I think that is all.  We are enjoying being home with Daddy and will hopefully have Fairmont pictures to show you.