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Monday, October 26, 2009

Diaper Cake

I was supposed to co-host a baby shower this weekend but came down with a flu during the week so I thought it was best the shower was held elsewhere! I hear it went well though and I am feeling much better now. I made the diaper cake for the shower and also made sure that everything I was supposed to do got done so here are some pictures of the cake!

Front view of the cake. The onesie coming out of the top tier is held up with some cake dowl? Not sure on that but Thanks Bethany!

Side view of the cake. There is a teething ring around the tip layer, a onesie on this side plus the rattle infront with hair bow clips around as decorations.

On this side you can see the other onesie.

Finished product all wrapped and ready to go! We put it on a regular cake stand that Bethany had at her house, pink bottom and all. If you couldn't tell it was for a beautiful baby girl!

Powell Butte

On Saturday we went for a walk with some friends on the Powell Butte hike. It was really nice. Ben and Meaghan we nice enough to take some pictures for us. I couldn't pick just one of Kimbers so here they all are!

I just love her smile! Can't get enough of it!

Here is the view of Mt Hood from the look out we walked to.

Family picture from the look out!

Thanks Meaghan for the pictures and for showing us Powell Butte!

Friday, October 23, 2009

For any that wonder.

30 years ago this oh so beautiful dress was given to my Mom as she was leaving Samoa from a dear friend. Upon landing in American Samoa my Mom sent it back with the pilot to give a late Christmas present to her friend. That is where this all began. The Dress has been passed back a forth ever since. It has shown up in an empty closet as we moved into a new house, boxes of decorations, at someone's work all wrapped up and waiting for them. It even surfaced at my wedding disguised as a gift for me. A couple of Christmas' ago my family made this picture into a puzzle and gave it to our friends... the dress soon came to grace their home. A few years after this was started my Mom shortened the dress and took some of the material from the ties and made a baby dress for a new baby. The baby dress resurfaced yesterday in a baby gift for Kimber. She also got a very cute swimsuit!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

Bateman update!

I thought I would give a kiddo picture update.

Bens is pretty excited for Halloween and loves to wear his costume! The day after we got back from Utah I put it on him to see how he will react. He loved it and now if he sees it or a picture of it he wants to wear it!

A pretty cute video of him!

I just love the sound he is making in this video... it is kinda random!

Bens loves Kimber! I will often walk into the room to see him laying on top of her giving her hugs. Bens also often goes up and says hi or kisses Kimber unprompted.

I just loved Kimbers outfit this day... I even got a bow in her hair. If you make the picture bigger you can see the sores by her left eye from Benson kicking her in the face on the trampoline. Poor girl, she is all better now!

Benson has been asking for 'cakes' every morning so I make him a piece of toast and put Nutella on it. Lately he has wanted to have 'penabunner' (peanut butter) with it as well. I think he is starting to take after my dad, we just need to add banana to it!

Kimber is getting so big now! Daniel put her in Bens' Pooh Bear chair the other night. She slowly slid down so she was practically laying down in it but she sat up for quite a while! She has been staying awake in the evening for a good while and loves to talk to us during that time. It is really fun to see her start to really develop and grow!

The other day I went in to get Bens out from his nap and this is what I found only he was sitting in the bottom drawer of his dresser. He has made it fall over a few times... once even after it was anchored into the wall! I was getting after him for doing that but I couldn't help but laugh and smile at his face and muscle shirt! Daniel ran down and got the camera for us.

Kimber... what can I say? She is just a little cutie and a delight to have in our family! She is about 3 1/2 months in this picture. I really can't believe it has been that long!

Daniel is doing well. After today he will only have one more final to take and then he can concentrate on this quarters classes. He has been doing really well on his exams though. I am really proud of him.