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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's A...

I know you have just been dying to find out!

Here is baby's profile.

Another profile.

Here baby opened their hand and kinda waved.

So we don't have a gender picture.  Baby had the cord between it's legs so the tech had to come from a different angle to find out that...

It's a Girl!

Yay!  I am pretty excited despite my lethargic mood that came across as 'moderately unhappy' according to Daniel.  When the tech finally got a clear view we could tell it was a girl.

So the final tally was Girl-3 to Boy-7 if I counted that right.  I am glad that so many of us were wrong!

Voting Time!

Today is the day.  We are going for our ultrasound in just a couple of hours.  Get your votes in before it is all revealed!!

Here we have 1 vote for a girl and 3 votes for a boy from the kids.  Daniel and I both want a girl but Daniel got a feeling a couple months ago that is was a boy, he has yet to be wrong about one of our kids!  Because of that I think it will be a boy but I really want a girl!!  We shall see.

I guess the final tally of our family plus our Gnomie niece makes it Girls-1 and Boys-5.  Here's to the odds being wrong!!

Monday, March 19, 2012


I have gone a little video crazy lately and just haven't posted any.  The kids drive me crazy a lot of the time but they sure can be funny and cute!

Here is McKay on Valentine's Day.  When I walked in the room McKay was trying to sit in this little container for his blocks.  This was his attempt at getting back in.

I did Kimbers hair near the end of Feb in pigtail buns and this was the best picture I got.  She was pretty cute that day... while the hairdo lasted!

Kimber will often start singing in her bedroom when she is ready to come out.  Earlier this month she was just going at the top of her lungs so I stood outside her door with the camera to get it all.  She was done by the time I got there so I went in and waited for her to sing for me.  It took a bit of coaxing but she finally came around.  The video was too long so I had to post it on Facebook.  So I have sat here for an hour or so and it hasn't finished uploading so I will post the singing link later.

McKay getting up from his nap.  This was right after Kimber's concert next door in her room.

Drinking and walking.  He is getting too old too quickly!

McKay finally got some winter boots.  I am not sure how thrilled he is with them.  Hopefully they will fit next year as they are a bit big and the snow is starting to disappear!

Daniel shared his chair with the kidlets.

McKay was enjoying reading "Moo, Baa, La-la-la" by Sandra Boynton.  I love that book as you can tell by the memorization!

McKay and Kimber love to flop on our big pillow and getting "chased" by Daddy.  This kept them busy for about 20 minutes!

My McKay Man chillin' on the couch and so happy.  I love that smile!

I know that kids love Elmo, I just don't get it.  I was babysitting my niece a couple weeks ago and I put Sesame Street on.  This really is how she acts when it starts coming on.  Sometimes even more so.  She was so cute I had to share!

Finally here is the last video for today of McKay showing off his sweet dance moves.

I don't know why Benson has not been in the videos lately but he is alive and well.  He is loving school and jumps at any chance he gets to go out and visit with friends and family.  Sometimes he even asks if we can call somebody to see if we can eat dinner at their house.  I am trying to help him understand we have to be invited because it is rude to invite ourselves over.  The next post down is from St Patrick's Day and show how excited Benson was for it.  He picked his outfit out the night before and I had him put it in the bathroom so he could get dressed when he got so the Leprechaun wouldn't pinch him.

St Patty's Day

We had a very special guest come by our house on Saturday that left us a surprise.  So there is going to be a lot of video for this post!

I absolutely L-O-V-E Benson's explanation of what happened.

Benson calling to see if the Leprechaun had visited Grandma and Gramps' house.

Sharing the joy with Kimber.