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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Where did HoHo Go?

This was just too funny to wait until the New Year to post!

I saw what Bens did and just had to get it on camera... He may be embarrassed when he is older but it was so funny!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

If you can't tell I am super excited for Christmas! Last night we went to a Christmas party at a friends house and had a great time. We were all dressed up kind of matching so I wanted to have some pictures taken. The kids were really good! Bens would move and make a weird noise just before the picture was taken and made Kimber laugh and then he would pose again... Great timing!

Our little family in front of our tree. I love this picture eben though Bens reminds me a bit of Stuart off MadTV.

Me and the kids. Bens likes to join in on pictures now a days!

Just the girls... gotta love that smile!

Boys giving a pound.

Hope you all have a great holiday! I may be taking a blog holiday so if I'm not back over the break 'Have a happy New Year!'

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Playing Around!

So after I did the post yesterday the kids were pretty cute so I thought I would just post this for all to see!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Picking up the slack...

So I have been a bit of a slacker recently in updating our blog! Here is a little bit to get you caught up on what has been going on here in the past month!

To start off we went out to my Aunts house for Thanksgiving. We had a great meal, great company and a great time!

After dinner Bens started passing party hats out to wear...

Aren't they wonderful?

Bens also had a great time helping with the dishes so my Aunt found a sweater for Bens to wear home.

Kimber was a little angel all day. Here she is with Daniel. Bens wanted to wear the brace again... He has an amazing memory!

Now some random pictures from over the month. Kimber can really make any outfit work!

If we leave Kimber on her tummy long enough she will move forward a bit. This isn't a habit yet but she is slowly starting to move around. I am enjoying the days of putting her somewhere and having her stay put though!

Bens was being a ham! I would blow at him and he would fall over! Kimber enjoyed watching it too! I was a little light headed at the though! I think that was a one time deal!

We had our ward Christmas at the beginning of the month. Bens got scared of Santa as soon as he relized I was going to put him on his lap hence the standiong picture with me and the kids with Santa! Bens loves to look at Santa in books and on TV though. When he sees him he says 'ho,ho'.

This is how he was acting as we waited to see Santa.

I was changing Kimber's diaper the other night and kinda dipped her foot in the diaper rash cream! Oops!

I love to make Kimber laugh! I am even willing to make a fool of myself to make her laugh!

So here is a story special for Julie. Bens got some stickers at the outpatient clinic because he got hurt going into the clinic. We went and had lunch with Daniel after and Bens showed his stickers to everybody! (One was on his bicep so he would take his shirt half off, the other was on his forehead.) Anyways, last night he took the stickers off and held them up and named the one off his forehead Mike and the one off his bicep Julie. He even called them that this morning! What a funny kid!

Well I hope all is going well as everyone gets ready for the Christmas season. Daniel is getting ready to go into finals... although I have distracted him from studying all week... oops! We are looking forward to our trip home. We are leaving a week from tomorrow. It is going to be a busy two weeks but it will be fun!