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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Short One!... Not really.

We are in Portland now and enjoying it. The house is pretty well put together. There a few boxes left upstairs that need to be dealt with but that will come. We have met a lot of great people here. There are a quite a few members of the church that are chiropractic students in our complex so we are looking forward to getting to know them.

We had a couple over for FHE last night and had fun. They have a 15 month old son. It is funny watching Bens and Chandler play together. They were both tired last night so anything Chandler played with Benson would try and steal it even though he never plays with those toys!

Brooke's wedding went really well. I have never seen an Island theme wedding before but it was great. We are so happy for Brooke and Aric.

This is one that I meant to post over a week ago but got distracted. Here it is!

So things are just rattling along here. We are busy getting ready for my sister's wedding (2 days and counting!) and packing to leave for Portland (6 days and counting!)

Bens has been pretty good. He learning how to climb on things all over the house. If we are not careful he is on the deep freeze or unstable shelves or climbed out of his high chair and is on the counter top! He definitely keeps life interesting!

Today he closed a door on his fingers. I saw it happening and couldn't stop it. My mom had him "doing dishes" today while she cleaned in the kitchen. He was so cute! He almost climbed right in the sink a few times. He played there happy as can be for about an hour until he fell off the chair and bit his tounge (I can't remember how to spell that for the life of me!) and bumped his chin. He is doing a lot better now though!

Well it may be a while before I get to blog again but once we are settled I will get back online! Until then here are a few pictures of Bens from our trip to Utah/boating, petting zoo/corn maze and doing the dishes! Have a great day!