Just thoughts and updates on our little family!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's a wild Zoo out there!

Yesterday we went to the zoo. We had a lot of fun there. Some of the other wives here in our complex were going and invited us.

It was a little cold so we layered up and put on our tuque and mittens.

We saw fish swimming right beside us!

We got to pet the goat. Bens tried to feed him but the goat wasn't very interested.

Bens and I stood by the bears to see how we measure up... I think it was kind of a close one but the bear won!

After we looked at the frogs we played on the frog sculpture. Benson had a lot of fun until he tripped and fell on the dirt.

After lunch we we played on the hippo sculpture...

and the camel sculpture.

Benson did really well at the zoo. We also visited the Polar Bears, Sea Lions, Otters, Ducks, and many more animals. This was Benson's first trip to the zoo. On the way home he fell asleep but went right back to sleep when I put him down for his nap. Yay!

Stay posted for more pictures from Halloween. We are going to a carnival at Daniel's school and will probably carve our pumpkin with another family. Have a great day!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Nursery Time!

So Benson got sick last Sunday and was a sad little man. I went upstairs to throw away his diaper and I came downstairs and found him crying and laying on the floor like this... Poor kiddo!

As soon as he saw a flash he perked up and looked at me. How could he resist a camera? It took a few days but he got over his fever and is back to normal. He is still sleeping in his 'big boy' bed. We had a little bit of a rough patch while he was sick but sleeps there all the time now.

Saturday night I got sick of Bens' hair and got out the clippers. This is his 7th hair cut! He is just growing up so fast!

On Sunday we dressed Bens' for church and just loved his outfit and had to share it with all of you! It was kinda difficult to get a nice picture though!

It was Happy 1/2 Birthday Benson on Sunday as well. We can officially put Benson in Nursery now! Yay! I totally put him in for the last hour last week and they said that he will probably need somebody to stay with him next time. Well I think he was clingy because he was getting sick so this may only last a week before we are completely free to enjoy our meetings!

He really is the light of my life... How could I not lot a face like that?! This picture really shows how small our 'yard' is. We have a sidewalk with about 1 1/2 feet to the fence. Other than that we love our place!

This morning Benson was in a fairly good mood and was having fun on our computer chair.

I was dangling a cord that he wanted to play with by the camera so he would look at it. If only he stay still long enough to get a picture!

He looks like he has a secret to share but won't share it... If I find out what it is I will pass it along!

This week we went to a couple of parks and played. Some of the other Mom's in our complex want to take the kids to a playground once a week just to get out of the house. It was nice to go with them. We went to a park that is at a preschool so everything was low and Benson sized!

The next day we went to the community center and payed a dollar to go into the gym where they have a whole bunch of toys, balls, Little Tike cars, a tramoline... pretty much any toy Benson would enjoy. It was great. Benson found a big red wagon that had seats in it. I pulled him around for about 10 minutes in it. He was in little boy heaven!

Have a great day and have a Happy Halloween if I don't get on before then!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our Big Boy!

Hello all!

Benson is becoming such a big boy! A couple of nights ago we tried Benson in a 'big boy' bed. He lasted about 10 minutes, the second night he lasted 2 hours. We heard a thump and Daniel went to check on him. He was standing on the ground by the end of his bed. Daniel picked him up and Bens just started feeling his face. When he realized it was Daddy he snuggled in. Daniel put him in his bed and he stuck his hand up with a sock in it. Daniel took the sock and Bens fell right back asleep. So last night Benson made it all night! Yay! I went into his room this morning and he was still in his bed happy and having fun.

Here are a few pictures from the past couple of weeks. We got "Boo-ed" last night. We were given some chocolate cover cake suckers... they are so good! If anybody knows how to make them please send me the recipe!! Anyways, enjoy the pictures!

Bens was only happy when he was upside down in the picture!

Bens has taken to putting is food in his hair.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


So we have been here in Portland for a couple of weeks now and we are loving it. Everybody here has been so nice. There are quite a few families living in our complex that are students at the Chiropractic College.

Benson has started making friends with some of the kids. Well not so much friends as someone to steal toys from. They go back and forth taking the toy from each other. Sometimes it is great but others Bens or the other child get sad so we are working on the whole sharing aspect of friendship. It is kinda neat to think that he is going to be actually friends with these kids by the time we leave.

Benson has found a cupboard that he likes to sit in. I have my pots and pans in there right now so he doesn't fit so well. I think I may be rearranging my cupboards so that he can sit in there. He thinks he is so clever. Next time he gets in it I want to take a picture so I can post it for you!

Brooke's wedding went really well, I think I mentioned that in the last blog. I finally have pictures to put up though.

Enjoy the pictures and have a wonderful day!