Just thoughts and updates on our little family!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

We Went Camping... sort of.

This summer we went out to the Okanagan and stayed at the Daniel's family cabin while my family camped just down the road.  We went over and visited my family but enjoyed getting our kids to bed and not having move our tent around during out stay out there.

Here are a few of my favourite shots off of my camera.

McKay was anxious to start roasting some marshmallows.

The view from the upper cabin.
A week is never long enough out there!

2/3 of the grandkids with Auntie Shar laughing maniacally in the background.

I had Brooke take some pictures of my family during the
talent show and these were the pre-show selfies she took.

Our family did a lip sync to Let It Go.
Shortly after the heavens opened with a huge down pour!
We all ran a took cover until the rain passed.

Some of the granddaughters just before the rain came.

Sylas peeking out of his tent after the rain subsided!

I love this sweetie!  She is so cute!

Taylor coming to the talent show with Auntie Brooke.

A magic show to get us back into the talent show.

Milo sang Skidamarink for us.

Neko and Shar sang Happy for us.

We had some gymnastics.

Graham and Jacqui sang for us.

Eliza jumped on one foot for us.
A few others had to show us they could do that too!

Papa read The Cremation of Sam McGee to us.
A kid or two of ours was a little scared after that one!

It was great getting to spend time with our family.  We had a great time 'camping', well Chelsea's style of camping!  The kids really enjoy getting together with all of their cousins.  We spent a lot of time out on the lake which was great.  As the kids are getting older it is fun to watch them play with each other and see them gain independence.

McKay's First Day!

McKay officially goes to school!  He loves being in Kindergarten.  He has the same teacher, Ms May, that Kimber had last year.  He sure enjoys going to school but he is quite excited that he gets a '2 day break' before going back on Monday.

My little handsome loves being such a big boy!
This week was his first full week but he went for 2 days the week before.

Taylor and I get to spend every morning together just the two of us.  She is not used to waking up so early to take the kids to school so thankfully she gets to sleep in on Tuesdays and Thursdays as it is Daniel's late start days.  We have been using our time to potty train.  She is getting better but we still have yet to go a day without accidents.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Royal Tyrrell Museum

We took a road trip down to Drumheller this summer and met Brooke's family there for a day with the dinosaurs!

We got there a bit early so we took some pictures and a walk to the outlook spot.

McKay checking out the museum from above.

Daniel helped Kimber look out at the view.

Brooke and Aric drove up so I documented it for them.  They are the grey van at the front of the picture.

Naomi coming to say hi in her lovely hat.

Sylas' style of saying hi.

Dad's sandwiching the kids for a picture by a t-rex.

Mammoth with my goofs.

All six kids looking at the camera plus the back of a random kid.  They thought this wall was pretty cool.

My attempt of getting a nice picture of Benson in the conservatory.  Auntie Brooke kept photobombing!

I don't remember the dinosaur but this is the kids getting measured beside it's leg!  Here is McKay.

Kimber measuring up.

Benson's turn.

Taylor would only go with Dad.  Daniel only makes it about half way up the leg!

Benson carried Kimber for about 2.4 seconds.

I love kids style of measuring each other!  Clearly they are about the same height!

Taylor and Daniel.  I love this picture!

Auntie Brooke tried to cheer up Miss T.  She only became Miss T's friend when offering to take her out to a park.  That is how to make her an Insta-Friend!

T and I with the Edmontosaur's head.  Who knew there was a dinosaur named after out city?!

It is cool to pretend to be T-Rex!

The kids enjoyed eating lunch outside and then doing the dinosaur dig by the park.  It was a schorching 37 degrees (98.6 for our American friends) so the shade was more than welcome!  That is at the high end of our normal temps here!

We stopped at Drumheller's Little Church after the museum.  The sign read 'Serving 10 000 people 6 at a time'.

We could just barely stand at the front of it.

After getting gas we stopped at a splash park to dip our feet in for a few minutes and saw this big dinosaur.  Yes the town is over run with dinosaurs.

Miss T enjoyed walking in the water!

Bens was excited to finally take his shirt off!

My little gang!

She was all tuckered out from day.  I love watching her sleep!