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Monday, November 25, 2013

Cakey's Birthday

We had birthday mania in our house this month.  McKay sure loved his birthday is excited to tell anyone that he is now 3 and works very hard to put up the right fingers.

We set this tent up for him during the night and he loves playing in his tent everyday!

He wasn't shy about get right in it and taking all his blankets and stuffties!

Pirate shirt.

Pirate toys and shovels for burying his treasure!

Captain Hook's boat complete with little cannons.

Tay liked watching it all!

Treasure map cake.

I can't believe my baby boy is 3 already!  They have flown by way too quickly!  Love my Cakey-Man!

Fireman McKay

We went on a field trip for FHE tonight.  We read a scripture about fire insurance D&C 64:23 and talked about how paying tithing will help keep us safe when bad things happen(condensed version).  We then went on our field trip to the Fire Station just down the street from our home.

Every time we see the firetrucks out he gets so excited and makes sure we all see the trucks.  So I thought he would love going to meet the firemen and see the trucks.

 They put the headphones on the kids and let them talk to each other over them.

Cakes, making sure they could hear him!

Miss T was a good little camper and hung out with Dad most of the time.

Checking out the hose.  I loved that most of the firemen were doing Movember!

One of the firemen put on his suit to show the kids.

Bens' turn to inspect the hose.

Kimber was timid but enjoyed being able to check it all out.

McKay tried on the gloves...

And the vest.  He saw it and was not shy about asking to wear it.

Bens driving the firetruck.

McKay sat there asking what every button and lever did.

Kimber posing.

Bens wearing the earphones while the others checked out the 'lightsabers'.

The rescue truck came back while we were there and McKay 'drove' it for quite awhile.

More driving.

Bens tried on one of the masks.

It was great fun!  The firemen were awesome and so friendly.  McKay was in a little boys heaven and did not want to leave.  Even when we changed him for bed he kept asking to stay at the fire station.