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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Poor Girl.

My poor baby girl is sick today.  She is cute regardless what comes out of her though.  I hope she starts feeling better soon though!

This is Kimber earlier today.  She has been in pretty good spirits despite being sick.

When I got jer out of bed this morning she had a piece of tape Daniel had put on her foot last night (he tapes Bens' foot nightly and she doesn't like being left out) wadded up and said she had it in her mouth.  She then started gagging and spat up a bit but I thought it was nothing.  Guess not!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

August thus far.

Keep going after this post as I have done 3 postings today!!

So we are starting to get settled in here in Edmonton.  First I want to say Thank You to all our friends in Portland.  I really couldn't have made it through all of the packing/cleaning without all of you help!

Meaghan was awesome and kicked us out of our house when we finished the cleaning.  She arranged for sleepovers for Benson and Kimber and then Daniel, McKay and I slept at her house so we could just be done at the apartment and could just get up and go the next morning.  My Father-in-law also flew down and helped with loading the truck and then drove the truck to Edmonton in one straight shot.  Thanks to Rob and Rachel, well Rob as Rachel was gone, who let him crash there so he could get up early and leave.

My in-laws found us a town house and made all the arrangements for us to get in early and get settled in so quickly.  I feel really blessed to have such amazing in-laws!  I love you!

Daniel is settling in really well at the office.  He has a lighter schedule for now as he can only be there when Curtis is.  Once he is licensed he will go in a lot more.  For now I enjoy his 3 day week and long lunches!!

Other than settling in we have been pretty busy.  We were lucky enough that Curtis decided to take 1 day off which meant Daniel had almost a week off from work so we went out to Gram's cabin in the Okanagan.  While we were there we met some cousins from England and took them to Fintry which is nearby and climbed the stairs to the falls.  I would say hike but it was just stairs.  I had never done it so Daniel said we should go.

I had the camera on the wrong setting so most of these are blurry.  Sorry!

McKay was sleeping to Grandma stayed with him at the cabin so here are the rest of us on one of the platforms.

I was not wanting to have my picture taken as I was just waiting to get into the lake and wash my hair.  Daniel really wanted to have documentation that I actually went to Fintry so here we go.  I was there!

My Father-in-law being a good sport wearing Kimber's hat.

We loved being at the lake and regret that the trip was so short!  We are looking forward to going back out there next summer!  Daniel enjoyed getting out behind the boat again.  He wakeboarded, slalomed, and surfed.  I was finally convinced to go kneeboarding.  They have a kneeboard that the rope hooks onto so you don't have to hold yourself on the rope while you get up.  Perfect for me!  I went out 2 different times, the first time ended by me getting hit by my elbow (?) on my thigh and getting an insta bruise which is finally going away after a week and the last time by my arms getting tired and I let go and waved to them as the drove off.  It was fun.

I have been enjoying being so close to family.  Brooke stopped by yesterday on her way to Wal-Mart so I offered to look after Naomi while she did her shopping.

Kimber loves Naomi but she can be a bit of a bully so I have to keep an eye on her.  I did her hair which she wasn't a fan of but she looked cute!

McKay started to wave at me so I got out the camera and got mesmerized by the camera.  He is growing up way too fast.  He has 3 teeth now, 4 and 5 should be coming through any day now though.  He is crawling all over the place army style but tries to get up on all 4's.  The other day we went swimming and he was crawling on all 4's in the shallow end so he can do it.  He has also started to pull himself up on stuff.  My days with a stationary baby are quickly coming to an end!

Hey You Gu-uys!

Yup, that is right!  We went to the Goonies sights!  We had to keep the Wutzke/Palsky (now known as the Wulsky's for writing purposes) entertained while visiting us and they wanted a beach day so why not do something we hadn't done before?

On our walk up the driveway I told Benson what we were doing.  He had never seen the movie so it meant nothing to him.  A few days later though Goonies was on TV so he was allowed to stay up and watch it.  Lucky guy!

Benson having fun.  He was more excited about this rock then the house.

Mommy and Benson infront of the house.  McKay and Kimber fell asleep in the car so Daniel waited down there for us and then he ran up after to see the house.

Auntie Brooke taken by Benson.  If the camera is out he wants to take pictures!

We stopped for lunch in Astoria at a Thai restaurant.  In theory that sounds great but I am not that adventurous and I had 4 large sores scattered through my mouth so this was less than good for me.  I like the cone of rice though.

Benson trying to get out of the County Jail from the beginning of the movie.

Daniel succeeded in getting out.

Along our journey we stopped in Seaside to look at the beach there.  Benson was cold so he used Daniel's sweater.  Did I mention it rained the entire day?  Oh yeah, it was sunny, even hot in Portland that day and we missed that!

Finally made it down to Cannon beach.

Kimber loved walking in the water.  She also biffed it on the sand about 4 times and had to keep washing off in the water.  She had fun with that the first time and then didn't want to do it anymore.  She was so cold!!

Yes, this was all on our 5 anniversary.  We learned on thing that day.  Wulsky's we love you so don't take this personally.  We are never hosting on our anniversary again.  If anybody wants to come for a visit around July 15 we will neglect our hosting duties for the day and you will be babysitting so we can go out and have a proper date.

This reminds me of a picture we took on our honeymoon in Banff.

Me trying to hold the rocks at Canon Beach.

From here we drove to Newport to catch the drive in theater.  We followed the GPS and it took us on some random, windy, back roads.  We kept losing the Wulsky's and found out later that Brooke who had been in the back of the van was very car sick.  I should have known as she gets sick looking at a merry go round.  We saw Kung-fu Panda 2 and Green Lantern.  The kids enjoyed the first and went to sleep after.  Daniel and I both also went to sleep as Green Lantern was less than steller but Daniel wanted to see the ending so we stayed.  Bonus though is that we went and saw the midnight showing of Harry Potter in 3D the night, or morning, before so that was awesome!!

Portland catch up

So I am finally going to start catching up on my blog posts!  Here first our a few random videos from our last little bit of time in Portland.  We miss it so much.  The other day Benson got really sad and said he missed Portland.  We think he was talking about the swimming pool we went to there.  He also told me about a bad dream he had.  Apparently he and Chandler were fighting bad guys and Chandler died!!  That is a very bad dream!

Here is our late celebration for Kimber's birthday.  We hosted the last Sunday dinner with our friends so we made some brownies so Kimber could blow out the candles.

The beginning is Bethany checking out the camera but I love the end with Kimber.  She still says 2 by making a L with her fingers.

Brooke and Aric came for a visit with some friends .  They arrived a few days after Brooke's birthday so I made a cake for her.  I think she had birthday cake at three of her vacation stops!  Lucky girl!

We finally took the kids on the MAX in Portland.  Ok so it was my first time as well.  I know that is kinda ridiculous as it was in our last 1 1/2 weeks in Portland but we had a blast.  This picture is of Benson waiting 'paitently' to get on the train.  He really is a little monkey!

Benson was sooo excited to be on the train!

Kimber and McKay waiting.  I love McKay's smile.  It lights up his whole face and melts my heart!!

While we were down town for Saturday Market we went to Voodoo Donuts so that the Wutzke's and Palsky's could have a true Porltand experience!  McKay and I didn't go in as there isn't much room in the shop and we would have occupied most of it!

Here is our view of Voodoo Donuts from across the street.  The people lined up right outside the window is just a small portion of the line waiting to get into the shop.