Just thoughts and updates on our little family!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bath Time!

Kids in the bath are so cute!  Taylor crawls about 3 times faster in the bath than anywhere else.  The older three get so creative and fun.  Here are some photos of my sweet peas at bath time last night.

Birthday Festivities

Benson's birthday is this week but celebrated it this weekend.

On Friday Benson and I went on a date to Red Robin to his birthday meal there.  Enjoyed stuffing his face full of fries!

The birthday song... I think he really enjoyed standing on the bench.

Yesterday morning after he went grocery shopping with Dad he got to have breakfast in bed.  He wanted to show off his smoothie-stache

Kimber and McKay were excited to be in on the breakfast fun!

This is quite possibly one of my favorites!  I love this photo!

We spent the morning getting ready for the super hero birthday party which meant we assembled our Batman cake!  Daniel took care of everything in black.  Clearly I had the difficult job!

This was most of the boys from the party.  One was late and we forgot to take his picture later.

McKay posing with Benson.  This was about the best we could do with a 2 year old!

Kimber didn't want me to take her picture.  She was upset after I took this one.  The paper she is holding is her 'DS' that she plays with.  Benson got one yesterday so now she has to have one too.  I love the kids imagination!

McKay in the midst of the birthday fun!

The Boys and Kimber posing with their Batman masks.

This guy got spoiled and now has all sorts of super hero toys!

Excited he got a watch from Nana and Papa!

Getting the time set.  This morning at church for about 5 minutes he kept me updated whenever the time changed!

Birthday cake.

Our very own Batboy!

Taylor made her rounds with Aunty Rachel...

And Grandma.  She was very happy and chill which is a nice change from her clinging to me as of late!

We had a great, exhausting day!

Testing 1, 2, 3

Few of my cuties the past couple of days.  Daniel surprised me with an early Mother's Day present so that I could use it at Bens' birthday party yesterday.  It is a slr camera that I have been wanting.  I have had a lot of fun testing it out the past couple of days with nearly 200 pictures taken!

Cakey happy to pose for the camera.

Princess Kimber.

A personal favorite of Kimber.

Taylor's new favorite is sticking her tongue out.  Also sporting her cute bug antennas.

I think she looks a lot like her cousin Sylas here.

Just one more cute picture of my baby!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter!

We had a nice Easter weekend.  Benson was on Spring break the week leading up to it we had a nice break leading into it.

We have a couple of pictures of our sweet little Taylor!  Some of you may have seen this on Facebook.  The next morning she had an even nastier mess.  I didn't have a camera available  but my mom was able to see via Skype.  It was bad!!

Taylor being a sleepy head.  I went in to get her up and found this angel face!

After a bit of prodding she gave me this face.

On Saturday the Easter Bunny came over and left a special message for the kids made of candy!

Benson coming up from quiet time and seeing all the loot!

Bens mid hunt.

McKay and his cut of candy!

Kimber pausing for the camera.

Kinds in action.

Special picture of these two kidlets.

McKay's funny smile.

They had a great time with the hunt.  After dinner we let them eat as much candy as they wanted and then sent them to bed.  It was a really nice day.  Rachel and Spencer came over and watched the hunt with us and even got a candy or two out of the kids!

Sunday was nice and low key.  We did a ham dinner and had some friends and Daniel's cousin over to help eat it all!  We have so much leftover!!

I hope that you had a great Easter as well.  Yesterday morning during breakfast I was able to have a nice chat with the kids about the meaning of Easter and both Benson and Kimber were able to tell me parts of the Easter story.  I am grateful for such wonderful kids and for the gospel in our lives.