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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Show and Share

Benson got to do a show and share in preschool this month about the ocean.  Luckily Benson got a turtle necklace from Nana and Papa for Christmas so he took that to share with his class.

Here is Benson practicing what to say for Show and Share.


So I have been MIA from blogging the past few weeks.  I don't feel like much has happened lately.  I would like to thank my mini photographer Benson for most of these pictures.

Benson told me that there was something so cute that Kimber was doing and I needed to take a picture.  I was busy so I let him take the camera.  I think I deleted most of the pictures but here are a few for you.

Kimber doing something "so cute".

One of my boys self portraits.

I came into the living room to find my Kimber all dressed up with nowhere to go.  She found the sandals in the boys closet and Benson's underwear in the clean laundry.

Benson was playing outside the other day and found this piece snow and is a monster.  He informed me we needed to take a picture of it so that we could make his next birthday cake to look like this.  I don't know how I will do that one... maybe he will forget by then!

So most of you know this already, but if you missed out on our quiet announcement on Facebook or if we didn't get to tell you in person, we have a little baby coming to us in August.  We were a little shocked to say the least when we found out but we are excited to having another baby.

That about sums up our lives nowadays.