Just thoughts and updates on our little family!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I am not sure I was really ready for this!  Benson is in Preschool now.  He had his first day yesterday and I am happy to report he did very well!

All morning he was super excited to go and kept asking when we were going to leave.  I had him pack his snacks on his own.

Getting his backpack ready.  A big thank you to Brooke who came over and looked after Kimber and McKay while I took Benson to school.

How cute is he?

Please excuse all the crying but Benson was too cute, I couldn't cut this out of the post!  After the camera was off he added 'I love you'!

"School was fun.  Exercising was fun.  I exercised with a soccer ball.  I played in a play kitchen.  They have a little house in the school with a little kitchen.  I like preschool so much I want to go to it all day."  That is from an email we sent to my Mom this morning telling her about his first day.

His teacher told me when I picked him up that he is ready for school and excited about it.  I guess he told her at one point that he 'already knows the classroom'.

Picking him up from school was a bit interesting.  I brought the younger two with me.  I ended up carrying Kimber while Benson pushed McKay in the stroller.  Benson kept letting go of the stroller while we were walking and I kept telling him to hang on to it.  This ended up with me screaming my head off as I watched McKay roll over the squared off curb and into the road.  Luckily my scream startled the one car on the road and I ran out and grabbed the stroller.  Benson is no longer allowed to push the stroller.

 Now a cute video of McKay eating spaghetti last night.  I don't know if he is scared of Benson now or if he really doesn't like Benson trying to feed him, this is what happened right before Benson's cute video telling us about his day.

Now I must be off.  Kimber is sick again today and I am not feeling so hot right now and should use the kids nap time as down time for myself!  Enjoy your day!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


So I told you a little bit about our backyard when we first got here.  I never did get a picture of my friends but they were there!  Now I look forward to our kids being able to go out into a backyard and play.  We have only been married 5 years so I think it is about time that we actually had a backyard.

This is our lovely before of the yard.  I wish I had gotten a video or picture of the old fence but it was decrepit and the gate did not open without much persuasion.

Here is our lovely backyard now.  I love it so much!  But for now it is to look at until the sod takes.  Can you tell that I am a bit excited about the backyard?

Thanks to the help of my in-laws we got most of the work done before Daniel got home from work today.  Jordan did a great job with the grunt work and the rest of the family took care of the kids while we worked.  Benson actually helped Gramps replace a toilet, well with the beginning of the job.

Daniel and I also went and test drove some Hyundai's and got 4 free movie tickets.  I think we will be going on some dates soon!

Now to end here are some video's and pictures of the kids eating oreo's and showing me their guns.