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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2012 Photos

My sister just sent me a "few" pictures of my kids from last spring and summer.  By a "few" she meant 41!  Thanks Brooke!  I now have pared it down to 18 pictures to share with you.  Some of these are my favorites and am so glad to have copies of them now!  Enjoy!  These were all before she up and left me here in Edmonton!

We would go over to my Sister's place on Wednesday afternoons for a little change of scenery.  One of these afternoons we went out and played with bubbles.  Don't let the snow fool you, it was a nice day!!

Benson and Uncle Asia, I mean, Aric having a sword fight.  They were a pretty good match up as Aric would show restraint that Benson didn't understand when challenging his cousins.

Proof that Kimber and Naomi actually did get along sometimes.  Naomi has even started to say Kimber's name now!  She used to go silent when asked what Kimber's name was.

Coolio Kimber!  This was after a visit to the eye Dr's we had a couple of cool sunglasses floating around here!

Naomi helping distract McKay while I had the older kids in for their eye appointments!

Handsome Cakey boy.  He loved being able to explore Auntie Arnold's backyard.

Shar and kids came out for a visit last June and the girls had fun together at the park.

All the cousins got together in Red Deer during this trip and McKay was enjoying the cookies there!

This one is my favorite!!

Then all washed up with cool hair!

Kimber's birthday. 

Balloon fights are the best!


and After.

Here is one I just took of Benson Boy reading today.

I can't forget to add a favorite or two of my little Taylor as well.

 These were both done by my friend over at Daybreak Photography.

Well I enjoyed that little look down memory lane!  Thanks for joining me!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cereal Time!

Our little girl is growing up so much.  I am not totally sure I am ready for it but nevertheless she is growing up!  On Monday she got her first tooth.  We haven't come across any major drama with that yet so we are happy!  On Tuesday we started feeding her rice cereal.  She is doing pretty well with it minus a little gagging in the process.  Last night she ate all the cereal I made!  Enjoy a few videos and pictures on my cutie!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Cutie Taylor... and fun Hair!

We are slowly getting back into the swing of things around here!  Our first week back in reality was plagued by Daniel getting sick.  Luckily he is getting better but Kimber is starting to come down with it now.  Poor girl!

Taylor is a super cutie though and helps us all get through it!

She has such a great smile!  It is made all the better by the toothlessness of it!  I love gummy smiles! 

She is such a big girl.  We started having her sit in the high chair at the table with us at meal times.  She loves it!  She is really growing up way too fast!!  This was her first time sitting in the chair.

Last week after one of the kids baths I combed they boys' hair straight up.  The next morning Benson's was laying flat and this is what McKay's hair looked like.  He had a good laugh with it when he looked in the mirror.

I hope every body is keeping up with their resolutions.  We explained resolutions to the kids and we each made some.  Mine has been a few years in the making... Lose Weight!!  I am glad to report I have been working out.  I know, I don't do active but I have been enjoying it.  Daniel bought a game for the WiiU called Your Shape and it is great.  I like it better than Wii Fit Plus as I feel like I am getting a real workout.  Benson is my partner in crime and helps keep me on track.  Hopefully this will keep up!  I suppose I should do before and after pictures but I am not sure I want that kind of memory of how much I did let myself go!