Just thoughts and updates on our little family!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

We Made It!

Hello everybody!  Just want to write a little bit to let you know that we are still alive.  No pictures this time but I have a bunch to add once we have settled into our new place.

We made the long drive from Portland starting on Wednesday.  We drove all the way to Nanton Alberta for those that are familiar with Southern Alberta.  We got a dive of a motel for the night but it served its purpose.  We got up and went to my brother BJ's house on Thursday morning.  It was nice to see him and my other brother and his family came out there for lunch.  I met my newest niece as well.  It was great seeing them all!

After lunch we were onto Edmonton!  We have been able to see all of Daniel's and my immediate family that is in the area.  We are looking forward to being closer to all of them!

Friday morning Daniel had some help unloading the truck into our new apartment.  Unfortunately we weren't able to actually unpack as the carpet cleaner came and cleaned the carpets while they were there.  The carpets are dry now so we spent the afternoon over there setting up beds and moving some of the heavier furniture to where we want it.  Kimber's room is pretty well set up.  All I have left is to find some the wall decorations and then put up her curtains.  McKay's bed is all set up and bedding done and what not but I have yet to find Benson's mattress protector.  I know that it is somewhere!  It is nice to actually feel like we are making progress.

McKay has grown up so much this week.  On Sunday he started crawling so he is all over the place now!  He also started to walk while holding onto our hands.  I am in denial that he is actually getting that old.

That is all for now.  Hopefully I will find our camera and take pictures of our new place before too long.  I will have to show you the yard as well.  Yes we actually have one, well compared to what we had at least!  I also have a friend back there.  He is taller than I am and his name is Thistle.  I think I will be getting rid of him and our other friend Dandy Lion soon though.  Both of these are at least my height if not taller.  We have some work ahead of us!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sunday Afternoons

So a couple Sundays ago we had some of our friends over for dinner and we all moved out onto the grass after to enjoy the nice weather... yes we have had some!  Bethany took some awesome pictures!  I really don't know what I am going to do without you taking pictures for us!  Maybe I will get a good camera and take pictures or get my sister to take pictures!

All 4 couples that started out together.  We were a much smaller group back then and could do dinners more easily together.  We only had 2 kids back then and now we are up to 6!

You can see Mckay's teeth in this picture.   I love it!!

There were more pictures of McKay and I just love them all so I did narrow it down to just a few!

Best Buds!

Silly Faces... I love Bensons!!

My sweet little guy!  I can hardly believe he is 4 already!  He is growing up way too fast.

So I don't know why but there are no pictures of Kimber but she was out and being pretty cute that night as well.  Maybe she will get a post dedicated to her next.

This may be my last post for a while as I am stalling packing up our house as it is and will need to really get to it soon.  I did have some help this morning from my Visiting Teacher.  She brought two of her girls that helped pack stuff up and entertain the kids while I packed as well.   I am feeling a lot better about this move now.  Anyways, enough stalling!  Enjoy these pictures!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So these pictures are from after Benson's birthday party and Bethany sent them to me a while ago so I am finally posting them.  I love the pictures Bethany!  Thanks!

I love Kimber's rolls!

Growing Kimber's bangs out is an on going process!

Chandler looks so cool sitting in the background.

My big boy!

I wasn't sure which copy I liked more so I am sharing both!

Benson is so grown up!  He is getting to big too fast for me!  Oh, have I ever told you how flexible Benson's ear are?  The are completely malleable it is crazy.  I thought of that because I can see the sunshine through his ear in this picture!

This is just a great action shot!

Still avoiding the things that need to be done!  I know I should go get going on everything!

Zoo Day Again!

We went to the zoo last week because Lisa, Davey and Lily are back in town so we had to take advantage of that!  Once again I forgot my camera so Thanks to Lisa I have pictures of our fun at the zoo!

Bens and Kimber riding the horses in the petting zoo area.

Kimber petting the goat.  She had fun although you can't tell from her face in any of these pictures!

Benson petting a goat.  He did really well and walked the whole time we were at the zoo.

The whole gang measuring up to the bears... well except Benson.  I don't know why but lately he hasn't wanted to have his picture taken.  Well only at times.  So L-R there is Lily, Lisa, Chandler, Davey, Bethany, Kimber, Julie, Scarlett, me and then Benson off on the side.

The 3 musketeers sitting on the dinosaurs.

Benson getting eaten by the dinosaur.

The boys measuring up to the monkeys.

The girls hanging out with the baby lions.  I promise Kimber was having fun!

It looks like the lion is super annoyed with Davey sitting on his head!

The boys posing for the camera.

Kimber got her turn on the lion too.  She kind of lurked here until Scarlett moved and then she took over.

More of the boys with the lions.

I love this picture of these two.  I can see why people think they are twins minus the fact that Benson looks like a ghost next to Chandler.

Recreating the other picture of the boys.  I think Benson was excited to not be the only one in the picture!

Making funny faces...

and Benson after he was asked to make a real funny face.

So this has been a nice distraction from my day.  Brooke is coming today for a visit so I am super excited for that but I am in need of adult interaction now though.  This morning just started out all wrong.  I walked in to get Kimber from her room to find her standing there with her pj's around her ankles, not a diaper in sight and a very wet bed (I still haven't found her diaper).  I bathed Kimber and told her to go downstairs while I got McKay out of bed.  I came down to find Kimber had gotten a hold of a sharpie marker and colored on her legs and arm. Yikes!  Later she came up to me crying and I comforted her and sent her on her way.  A few minutes later I looked at her and she has a bump and a bruise above her left eye.  I really don't know what happened or what is going on in this house today.  I am just enjoying nap time now!  Now back to what needs to be done; dinner, dessert and more cleaning.