Just thoughts and updates on our little family!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Preschool 2014

Today was McKay's first (highly anticipated) day of preschool.  He was so excited to go and did not have a problem leaving me!  I really am not surprised by that at all!

McKay was excited to show off his silly face!

In class it was pretty hard to get a decent picture of him as he just wanted to check everything out!

After exploring a bit we all sat at the rug and read a story.  Then we did a craft together.  Then all the parents were asked to leave for cake, coffee and conversation.  He asked me once to stay with him but quickly forgot and was ready for me to leave!  It was nice to chat with some of the other parents and get to know them.  It seems like a really great program.  This kid was beyond ready to be in school.  So happy he is enjoying school!

Kindergarten 2014

Kimber started kindergarten on Wednesday.  She had a staggered start with part of her class on Wednesday and then they were all together on Friday.  Today they finalized their classes and she is starting to attend every afternoon.

Kimber was super excited to go to school.

McKay was more than ready to have a picture taken!

Kimber became quite nervous when it was time to line up for class.  Friday was even more nerve racking with all the kids being there.  Today she did so well.  She was nervous but she lined up quickly and waited patiently to go into class.

Yay Kimber!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Grade 2!

First day of School!  I can't believe that it is already here.  I am slightly in denial that summer is really over!

Benson is excited and nervous to be back in school.  He is in a new school this year but he has a friend from church in his class so we are excited for that.

After a breakfast of champions.

We drove part way to the school and walked the rest so we took a few pictures along the way!

Bensons locker, no lock, but still pretty neat!

Ready for class!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Mr Bennett

Daniel's sister had her baby boy yesterday.   We went for a visit at lunch today and loved getting some baby snuggles!  They were testing a name while we were there so I can't announce it yet but I will tell you he is such a sweetheart!

Benson did not want to have his turn end.  He got a second chance to hold him and was sad when he had to let Kimber have another turn.

Kimber having a chance to hold Mr Bennett.

I love those chubby cheeks!

McKay's snuggles.

Daniel holding his first nephew on his side of the family!

I quickly took my turn!  Well it was a long turn but I was quick to snatch him up!

He was happy as long as he was holding my fingers!

T was fascinated by her cousin.  She was really soft with him.  I had been prepping her at home for it!

Daniel's girls with the baby.

McKay had a snack I guess!

Taylor had a turn and loved holding him so much!

She got really mad when we took him away!

Family photo.

Friday, June 13, 2014

More Birthday!

My Benson is 7.  I can't believe he is already that old!  I love him so much.  He is such a smart kid and loves to figure things out.  He is also pretty silly which can make our home a fun place.

Showing off a bit of his loot.

Like I said, silly.

Bens wanted to be Luigi for his birthday.  He borrowed a backpack and flashlight from Gramps so he could be from the new Luigi's Mansion game.

Kimber may look happy here but she was running away and get mad at me for taking a picture!
She and McKay were being the ghost's that Luigi needed to catch.

Ghosty Cakes.

McKay enjoyed running around with the foam finger.

Luigi's hat cake. 

This is one of Bens' favorite games to play!

Now that we have more space to live in Bens got a kid sized basketball hoop.  Uncle Jordan would be proud!

He was sad that he had 2 girlfriends after he blew out the candles.  I may have teased him a bit too much about the girls he told me he had crushes on.  Oops!

April Randomness

The past few months have been a crazy time for us.  We bought a house, moved into said house, had birthdays, school... You get the point!  I don't have many pictures from May but here are a few from April.

Taylor's first ponytail.

It was adorable but lasted about 5 minutes!

Taylor would leave the tape alone so I taped her face with what she unrolled.

McKay had to join in the fun!

The mythical Chocolate Pudding Monster.  They are a happy breed!

Kimber showing off her chocolate face.

Miss T in the morning.  Hardly anything cuter!

Just the other day T wanted to sit on the toilet and wouldn't get off!

Easter Hunt

We had an Easter hunt at my parents house just before we headed back to Edmonton.  9/12 grandkids were there for it.  It was pretty fun!

McKay enjoyed playing dress up at Nana's.  Captain Cakes was reporting for duty!

Can you find Benson?  He is such a little monkey!