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Monday, March 25, 2013

St Patricks Day and more

Benson was the first to see what the Leprechaun did while we napped on St Patricks Day.

Kimber was next to see what he had done!  The Leprechaun made one of our pots and one of our pitchers magical and the water turned green when we put it in them.  That was one tricky Leprechaun!!

I had my hair done on Saturday and was taking pictures of it and Kimber decided to join in!

Saturday night I then took the plunge and cut Kimber s hair.  It looks much healthier than before but I am kind of sad that the curls are gone!

McKay wanted to get in on the pictures as well to show off his bed head!

I have been having major problems uploading videos to blogger so I am posting them on Facebook and will share the links!  Here, here, here, and here.

That is how things are going here!  We are just embarking on Spring Break here and are looking forward to Easter.  Hope you all enjoy this season!

Friday, March 15, 2013


I meant to post this earlier today as well but forgot!

Miss Taylor is definitely not a stationary baby!  She started to do a little bit of an army crawl the other night.  I only got video from behind her so you can see her little bum and feet work away as she tries to move forward!

March So Far!

Taylor had a morning of pampering.  It all started with the inside of her diaper exploding all over her crib.  All you Mama's out there can probably imagine that!  The diaper stuffing is a pain to clean up!  So off to bath we were.  While we were at it why not do our hair and pain our nails?

She cried during most of her pampering but she sure looked cute and girly!

Kimber got pink eye last week and we didn't want to risk spreading it around church so I stayed home with the kids while Daniel went to church as he was teaching the Elders.  After a very odd day McKay finally fell asleep on the couch... he was so cute!

These two love to get a little camera time!  They certainly do like their silly faces too though!

Here is Taylor's first time eating applesauce.  Poor thing looks like she is going to throw up.  My other kids just gobbled up fruit like nothing else!  For some reason the video isn't uploading to blogger right now so here it is on Facebook!

Here is Taylor's new trick... she likes to cross her fingers.  It was pretty cute, she crossed them today while she was choking down the 'nasty' applesauce I gave her.


Did I ever tell you about the time we went and visited Nana and Papa?

Kimber was able to wear lollipops in her hair!

We had a fire outside complete with hot dogs and s'mores!

Well, since it was February in Canada it started to snow just before we went out to start.

We were a bit cold, but we had a lot of fun!

We had fun up back home as well.  McKay had fun putting his slippers on during nap time.

Taylor had fun playing with a ball at Grandma and Gramps' when we celebrated both February birthdays.

Taylor tried eating peas.  She eats like a champ most of the time now!

McKay started making silly faces...

While Bens made scary faces!

Well Kimber just makes the best sad face!

We had fun in February!