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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Verdict is in!!

Our ultrasound went well today. Bens took a guess at what we were having before we started and he said a boy and that it was a brother. (Usually he would answer our questions with boy and sister!)

We are happy to tell you all that we are going to be having a baby boy join our family in November! I asked Bens what we should name baby and he said 'Baby Brother'. I think will pass that one by and choose something else!

The count for Harker grand-babies by the end of this year is 4 girls and 4 boys... What are the chances of that?

Temple and Getting ready for Church!

Last weekend Daniel and I took the kids down to the temple to visit the grounds and meet up with my Aunt and Uncle. (We got a double stroller from them. It just might be time for one!)

Bens gets so excited when he hears that Daniel and I are going. I had a hard time telling him he wasn't going to come and then we couldn't get a babysitter and decided that we would take the kids and look at the temple and the grounds.

Family picture down by the reflecting pool.

We had a hard time keeping Bens away from the water.

Kimber and myself. What a cutie she is!

Kimber loves these elephant ears! When she wears them she tries to make and elephant noises. Too cute! She also has taken a liking to this kazoo. She doesn't do too badly with it!

What will I do for my kids? I will wear elephant ears if it makes them laugh!

Doesn't her face just have pure joy all over it?!

Kimber really is a big ham! I just love her to bits!

In way of recent news... I went to the doctor's yesterday. I am 24 weeks now so it really was time! Made for a busy day as Daniel looked after the kids at school while I went. I ended up getting blood drawn so 2 hours later I got back to pick them up! A couple nice things to waiting so long to go to the Doctor's is 1) the pregnancy has gone by really fast so far 2) we get to have an ultrasound done after one appointment. We are going in for it today at 2:30 so we will hopefully know what we are having by the end of the afternoon!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Big Girl Chair

Yesterday I was working on the computer and I looked around to see this smiling face!

She had gotten up there by herself and was loving sitting like a big girl.

When Daniel got home I showed him the picture and Kimber crawled over and sat back in the chair. Bens wanted to sit with her so we have our two little cuties loving their chairs!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Good Kind of Day

A few of you may already know this but I will share this anyways.

I really love Daniel!

Today marks our 4th anniversary and I can hardly believe that it has been that long! I still feel like we are still the newly weds and quickly remember when I look down and see kiddo number three steadily grown in me.

Earlier today Daniel said that this has been the best 4 years of his life and I feel exactly the same way. He kinda just stole the words right out of my mouth.

I am always grateful for hugs from Daniel. They remind me of when we first started to notice each other after our 5 minute hug. Glad I just went along with that one!!

Daniel, thank you for being my best friend. I am glad that I will always have you with me to face the world. I can't even express how much you mean to me. I hope you have a wonderful day and I look forward to all the years we have coming our way!!

Here are a few of my favorite wedding and engagement pictures. Enjoy!

Friday, July 9, 2010

This week

We have a pretty quiet week but a hot one!! Portland doesn't seem to have a happy medium, it is either raining or really hot. I am glad to be out of the rain though! We got our AC hooked up last night so we slept really well!

Benson got the Primary song book out and started singing I Am A Child of God. (He knows exactly what page it is on!) It was pretty cute!

Kimber was really out of sorts yesterday morning. I tried holding her but I was laying down and she wasn't having that!

Kimber was doing much better after her nap! She was putting the blocks into the bin until I started filming her.

I finally got everything for my container/potted garden. We shall see how they fare! I am excited to have even a little bit of color to look at when we look out our back door.

Our break from school was good but now Daniel is back at school and starting to treat students in the Campus Health Clinic. He is looking forward to treating people but unfortunately he only one student that will be coming to see him. Hopefully something will work out for him so he will be able to get all his visits in!

Kimber's 1 Birthday!

Well after a late night at the Drive-In Theater I accidentally slept in until 10. Daniel was kind enough to take the kids to our Ward activity that was based on Pioneer's. Bens had a blast there but I loved it because I was able to work on getting the house and cake ready for Kimber's party.

Kimber's birthday was Pig theme this year. We had pink everything from streamers and balloons to plates and cake.

Kimber was a really social girl! I noticed she wasn't with the rest of us and went to find her!

Kimber has loved playing with her balloon!

Singing to our precious little girl!

She really wasn't too sure about eating the cake. After a little while she ate the Skittles off the top.

She started to get into it after awhile and loved it!

Checking out the cake in her hands.

Sucking the icing off her fingers.

I just love this picture! She looks like she is on a sugar high!

Once she started eating the cake she LOVED it!! Everytime she sees us eating a dessert now she goes crazy crying for some.

The party wasn't too big but we had some great friends there and my Aunt and Uncle came for the party. It was great to see everybody and to celebrate our precious Kimbers first year with us.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Drive-In Theater

The night before Kimber's birthday we took the kids out to Newberg to the Drive-In Theater. Anybody that lives around here... Go! It was so much fun!

We had to go a few hours early so that we could get a good parking spot but once we were there we had a blast! First we ate our dinner that we had packed. Bens had fun eating sitting by the sliding door in our van so his feet were hanging over the side. (I had just cleaned out the van two days before... I may have been particular about his crumbs!)

Here are my three kids... I mean Daniel with the kids killing some time. They had a lot of fun sitting up in the front of the van!

Now how could I pass up sharing such a cute picture of my little girl? You can see here that her bangs are trimmed. I usually pin some of it to the side so she isn't sporting a mullet! Oops!

The rest of the time we played Skip-Bo and taught Bens how to play. His first time and he schooled us! We walked around the theater grounds as well which was nice.

The kids and I are ready for the show to begin! Oh, here is also a picture of my new glasses that I posted about forever ago! Sad this is the first picture of me that has been taken since then!

We put to Kimber to bed just before the first movie started. She fell asleep pretty well given the distractions! We let Bens stay up and watch Toy Story 3 with us. Daniel made him a special seat beside Kimber so he could see the screen really well. We bought some popcorn and had some candy to munch on so he was in heaven! The movie didn't start until 9:45 so he had a late night!

After Toy Story 3 we put Bens to bed in his car seat and we watched Prince of Persia. He nodded off fast! We enjoyed both movies and had a great time while we waited for the movies. We ended up getting home around 2:30! All in all it was a great family night out!

Playing Catch Up!

So I went to take a picture and found the memory card was full. I had to empty the card so I could take the picture. Downloading the pictures was the only thing stopping me from doing another post so here I am!

This post is just a bunch of randoms from the past month.

I couldn't get Bens to eat lunch one day so we did lunch in a muffin tin. I think he enjoyed it!

Our cutie Kimber. This is one of the last pictures taken before we cut her bangs.

Sleepy little girl... this is becoming a bit of a habit now! She looked cute/uncomfortable with the sippy cup!

Bens got some new clothes from his Grandma so here he is sporting one new outfit... too cute!

Bens' new favorite game to play every FHE is animal charades. He usually tells us want he wants to be and then acts it out. Kimber LOVES to watch Bens be a bull!

We had some friends over for dinner and a movie one night. We did it picnic style in the living room with blankets on the floor. Bens was so excited that he started to clean up his toys and lay the blankets out without being asked!

Just a cute video of Kimber eating. I caught her blowing kisses on tape!!

Once again it is becoming a habit!