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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Random Pictures

These are a bunch of photo's from my iPad that I have finally put on the computer!

This was the first ice cream cone she ate by herself.  This was back in November.

Kimber really wanted me to curl her hair so here it is all curled and her asleep in the car.

Tights on the head and chocolate on the teeth, nothing better for a Sunday afternoon!

Her hair is finally long enough to squeeze into pigtails!

My special little helper in the kitchen!

This kid hates to get his haircut!

But he looks so handsome when he does!

Sleeping in the car again!

Taylor's new bed.  She is doing so well sleeping on it.  She does like to play in the closet and put on Kimber's dress ups though!

These two love to be together and play!

I have debated putting this up on the internet.  The other morning I walked into Cakes' room and found him like this.  I asked him what happened and he said "I pick my nose".  We have been talking about not doing that!!

Kimber happy and ready for school!

McKay wanted me to take a picture of his milk moustache the other day.  He then told me "I want to keep it", referring to his moustache.

Kids, Baby and Birthday!

January has flown by!  The kids have been busy with school and McKay has been a big boy potty training!  It is going pretty well!  I am excited to be changing a few less diapers!

McKay found his lip balm he got in his stocking and was watching a show on my iPad while he piled on the lip balm. It was pretty funny.  He ended up with a pretty red lip afterwards!

This girl is so happy and such a big girl!  She has some crazy hair though.  If I don't pin it back it falls in her face all day long!  She is sleeping in a big girl bed now.  I feel like she has been growing like crazy this month!

We went to a gender reveal party for Daniel's sister.  We each chose either a pink bow or black moustache to place our bets.

Rach made jello cups with whip cream for the big reveal.

We also took some family pictures to send to Jordan on his mission.

We are looking forward to what the rest of 2014 will bring us!  There are going to be a new cousin, hopefully a new home and much more.  Have a great year!

Snow Fun!

Playing in the snow, what could be more fun?  Nana and Papa have an awesome backyard to explore the snow in!

Taylor came in before I went out but here she is in her get up!

Snow Angels were a favorite!

Action shot of Bens falling into the snow.

McKay was crawling around the yard like this making some interesting noises.  He is a creative boy!

Bens' way of saying it is time to go in.

But he had to throw some more snow on his way in!

January Christmas

The kids loved going to Nana and Papa's!  Well we did too!

My parents took a turn with each family doing Christmas so the grandkids could open their presents from them.  We were last so we had Christmas in January!
I could pick between all the pictures so here are my favorites!

Fireman Cakes!

Bens was pretty excited to get a real telescope!

Kimber in her dress ups, complete with long hair, gloves and shoes.

Tay's favorite part was taking out the tissue!

The fireman was ready to help open presents!

This was Tay's favorite seat!

Cakey sized gift bag!

Christmas jammies from Nana.

Showing off her walking skills.

We had a wonderful Christmas.  We were all spoiled and loved seeing family.  At the beginning of December we went to Calgary for dinner with all my siblings.  We had all 12 cousins there and had a great time catching up.  We are looking forward to seeing them all again when we go camping in the summer!