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Monday, October 29, 2012

Nutshell of October

I don't know where the last month has gone.  I keep avoiding the blog though because I put my pictures on our desktop and it is on it's last legs.  I avoid using it until necessary.  Hopefully soon I will have a new desktop I can use.  I sure hope Santa reads my blog! ;)

Have I mentioned that McKay wears glasses?  He got these a little over a month ago.  They last about 50 hours before the broke.  After he got them back they lasted 3 weeks.  Hopefully when we get them back they will last a bit longer!

I love this picture!  Auntie Rachel comes over once in a while for a pick me up with the kids.  Rachel is getting married in 12 days and Kimber is super excited to be her flower girl.  Keep a look out for pictures in the coming weeks!

Kimber performing for the camera.  She has started to copy Benson a lot so when he tells her to do a face she will do it.  My favorite is 'Squish face, Stretch face'.  She does this to me at night time and the way she says it cracks me up!

My McKay man.  Sometimes I feel like he gets forgotten on here.  Mom this shows his snaggle tooth I was telling you about.  He kept getting a bigger and bigger space until an extra tooth appeared.

My Benson boy showing off his second tooth that he lost.  He pulled this out while all the guys were at the Priesthood session of conference.  The rest of us had a good time here with Chinese food!

Kimber got her hair braided as part of the party.  Then her braids were braided and those were put into a ponytail.  She would not let me take the pony out at bed time though.  What a cutie!

They got some story time with Grandma!

There is no picture at the beginning of this video, it will kick in part way into it.  McKay was singing to get me up one morning.  Personally I just love his song!

This is the same morning when I went to get Kimber up.  Not quite the singing get up but still my cutie.

Taylor has really started to talk the last couple of weeks.  If I coo at her she will talk back which is super fun!  She is happy, smiley little girl!  She will be 3 months old in just about a week.  The time has really flown by way too quickly.  She has gotten out of the newborn stage which makes me kinda sad.  It is fun to see her looking around and cooing a lot though.

Benson is doing well with school.  He doesn't like going into school though.  Once he is there he does great but getting him to leave us when we drop him off has been tricky.  We have given the kids one point to use on media for how old they are.  Kimber is 3 so she gets 3 points, Benson is 5 so he gets 5 points.  We have resorted to taking points away if he puts up a huge fuss.  Hopefully this will pass soon!

We are getting geared up for Halloween here.  Daniel has a costume idea that he can wear to work and the kids have their costumes together.  I am trying to decide if I will dress up this year or not.  I am fresh out of ideas though.

Last but certainly not least, my brother in law got his mission call this past week.  On February 27 he will be reporting to serve in the Jamaica, Kingston Mission.  I had feeling he would be on an island, although I was thinking more South Pacific than in the Caribbean!  Daniel guessed Central America so between the two of us we kinda got it.  Congrats Jordan!  You are going to be an amazing missionary!