Just thoughts and updates on our little family!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Parties all around!

We have had a busy couple of weeks!  It was my FIL birthday a couple of weeks ago so it all started then!  All the adults in the family went to Chianti's for dinner.  Unfortunately I wasn't feeling so well that day so I wasn't much company to be around but we had a great time being out with the family.

The next week was Father's Day.  I just want to take the opportunity to say what a great dad Daniel is!  I love watching him with the kids.  They love when he comes home and plays with them.  There are a few new babies in our ward right now and Daniel is like a moth to a flame.  He is quick to pick them up and take them so the parents can have a hand free.  I keep saying he is more baby hungry than I am right now but I love seeing him with babies and how gentle he is.  I am so grateful for all of his hard work that he does for our family.  It has been a crazy 6 years since we got married between school, kids and a somewhat crazy wife at times and he handles it so well.  I love you!

On to other things now.  On Father's Day Kimber was marching around playing with this toy but she was dancing as she went.  Too cute!

Bens' class at school decorated ties for their Dads.  We had to supply at plain colored tie and the only one we could find was the tie Daniel wore at our wedding.  It is snagged and stained so he donated it.  I was sad to see it go but he doesn't wear it now anyway.  So Daniel was a good sport and wore his gift to church on Father's Day.  I wanted a picture of him wearing it so Benson remembers that is was worn as I doubt it will be ever again!

McKay wasn't too into the whole picture thing so here is Daniel with Bens and Kimber.

This was the best family picture we could get.  McKay was sick with croup so nothing was making him happy that day!

Another project that Bens did at school was a butterfly kit.  We had two caterpillars that had cocooned and then hatched.  Bens was super excited about the butterflies!  Here we were trying to set them free.  The second butterfly finally came out of the box with some coaxing but we left it on the grass with a piece of orange by it.  In the morning it was gone so I assume it eventually flew away.

I don't feel old enough to have a preschool graduate but here we are with our big  5 year old boy.  He is so excited to be going into Kindergarten next year.  Unfortunately he doesn't understand what summer vacation is yet.  First he thought that Kindergarten started today.  Then after realizing it starts in September he wanted to eat everything he could for breakfast so that he wouldn't be hungry in the car while we drove to our vacation.  I then had to break his heart and tell him that we aren't actually going anywhere this summer because I am pregnant.

Kimber with the graduate.

Benson, just about the happiest he was the whole time.

This is more like how it was.  His friend really wanted to play with him and sit with him.  I don't know if something happened but the past couple of weeks they have been off from each other and Benson gets  grumpy around him.

Between wiggly kids and overly eager parents to get pictures this is the best I could get of all the grads.

Kimber being a great guard of my purse while I took group photos.

Bens during the playtime.  He was coming up to me to cling and be mopey.

Magic Mike came to the grad to entertain us all.  I let Kimber go sit with all the kids.  She just loved it!  She is in the pink shirt and blue skirt on the front row closest to me.  Bens was the third boy in on the back row.  You can't see much of him but they both thought it was pretty neat.  At first Bens thought that Magic Mice were coming.  I corrected him and then he said "We know a Mike, but he's not magic!"  Sorry Mike, I guess you just aren't magic!

We had Kimber's birthday party on Saturday.  She asked for a Princess party.  She is obsessed with Princess right now.  I took her to the bulk barn with me to pick out what cake shape she wanted.  I was hoping she would go for the crown but she fell in love with the castle!  My SIL came to the rescue with some icing bags and tips which made this a lot easier!

A sample of a few of the gifts the birthday girl  got.  I loved watching her face light up and the little gasps she would give.  She wanted to wear this dress a few days ago but it is a Sunday dress so we compromised and let her wear her 'fairy princess' dress to her party.

Our little pro at blowing out the candles!

We also had my nephews baby blessing on Saturday night.  My sister arranged for the blessing to be in her home so that my parents could join us via Skype from Samoa.  It was a really neat experience!  Our homes were chaotic that day with all the family around be we were glad they could all come up and help celebrate these special milestones with us.  My Grandpa came up and stayed with us and my brother and his family also made it up.

That about ends all the partying that has been going on here!  I am looking forward to relaxing for a little while now so see ya later!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I have been a little on edge lately.  I think it is mainly hitting my third trimester and the wall of exhaustion that came with it.  These two pictures brighten my day whenever I look at them.

McKay couldn't keep still so I had to keep putting the chairs together for him to lounge on.

This smile is what always brightens the day for me!