Just thoughts and updates on our little family!

Monday, April 19, 2010


So our little Benson man has been super excited that his Nana and Papa are coming to visit next week. Over the past few weeks he has looked out the window at the sound of every car thinking that Nana and Papa were here. We have endured a few melt downs of tears when he finds out it wasn't them and that he had to wait for "2 more nursery's" before they came. We have made more than one call to my parents house to talk to them to help him calm down.

Last week my Mom called me back after one of these phone calls and suggested that we make a paper chain for Benson as a count down. It has worked wonders! We sat down on Thursday and colored some construction paper and glued them together and immediately got to rip one of them off.

Here is the first day getting to rip one off.

He loves having me draw snowmen for him. Showing off his first chain. Only 10 days to go!

Yesterday Bens insisted that we take more pictures of the paper chain. 7 days and only 1 nursery to go!

For the life of me I couldn't get him to hold the paper any farther down!

I think next time we won't tell him we are having visitors until a few days before they come!! Have a great day!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter and bit of other stuff

Finally my Easter post! I just can't get on here quick enough! Oh well, here is a lot for you to enjoy!

Bens coming down getting ready to find his Easter Candy!!

We tried to stop the candy gorging that Bens did last year. I like how he takes the candy out of his mouth and puts it in the bucket!

He got to show off his loot to Gramps. It was neat being able to share a bit of Easter with some family!

Bens when he was done eating his candy. We let him stuff his face after he finds his candy until he says he is done and then we ration the candy from then on. He enjoyed his candy!!

The other day I went to get Bens from his nap and found him like this. I had to take a picture!

I didn't realize what was going on with his feet until He started undressing. His right foot is the socks he was wearing that day (there is a whole in the sleeping bag) and his left foot was a sock he got out of his drawer and put on over his sleeping bag. Now only if I could get him to put his own socks on regularly!!

My friend Meaghan came to the door the other day and asked if she could take Bens outside for a while since she was already walking around. Of course I said yes!! He was due to come out from his nap anyways!! When he came back inside he had some flowers to give me. He has added flowers a time or two since then as well!

Side story. Bens' birthday is in a week and a half and his Nana and Papa are coming down for it. He is so excited for it!! When he heard Meaghan knock on the door the thought it was Nana and Papa coming to see him. Yesterday he broke down in tears because they weren't here. We are going to make a paper chain today to help him count down and understand when they are going to get here!

Yesterday we took a little while getting Bens ready for his nap and this is how I found my little girl!!

I picked her up and she fell back asleep on my shoulder for most of the afternoon. What a sleepy head! She is sleeping as we speak!

My Kimber smiling big! I love it. I really could watch her smile all day long!

First... Bens got into the bread and started eating on his own. Second... he was doing a really cool dance but I didn't get the camera quite in time. It was still pretty cute though!

Daniel took this video so I didn't even know about it until I was downloading the videos. Too funny!

One more video of the cutest little girl around (I may biased on that though)!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Love Spring Break!

So this is going back to a few days after the last post so a little bit more than just our break!

I feel so blessed to have to funny and cute kids! They sure do keep life interesting!

Kimber is the happiest little girl! She has been starting to scoot around on her bum recently. If she gets really angry she pushes herself backwards on her stomach and today she rolled from her tummy to her back. In short, she is a lot less active than Bens was at this age but we are so ok with that!!!

This is one of Kimber's first times eating in the big high chair. We had an unfortunate accident with the portable one and moved her into this one promptly! You can see the bruise on her right cheek from landing face first on the floor while strapped into the other seat. She rebounded quickly and has loved the new high chair!

She doesn't quite understand the concept of the sippy cup yet but sure does love playing with it! Plus how can you now love looking at all those rolls she has!

I love this picture! I don't even remember what Bens was eating but I sure can bet he enjoyed it!

Two Sunday's ago was not my favorite day but with these two cuties it couldn't be all that bad right? Daniel was in the midst of writing his board exams and had finished his exams... 19 exams in one week only day off was Friday. Sunday left me at church with both kids, Bens not wanting to stay in Nursery and Kimber fell apart at the end of Relief Society. I would have just gone home if I hadn't given a ride to somebody and I was playing the piano in RS. A friend (Thank you Emali!) Took Kimber out in the hall and Bens stood on the piano bench behind me and hugged me while I played and told me (quite loudly) I was playing too loud. I was elated when Daniel walked in the door at 5!!

But really with Bens looking so handsome and Kimber looking like Alice in Wonderland it was too unmanageable! I don't look forward to the rest of the boards to come though!

Kimber went on the swings for the first time and she loved it!!

Daniel has had a lot of fun playing with the kids over his break! This was the day we tried to go to the zoo but realized to late that is was spring break for all the kids around here and the last nice day of the week. After a valiant try we had a picnic at a park! We made it to the zoo on Thursday though and the kids loved that! We also went swimming last week. Bens had been asking for weeks to go. He loves the waterslide! Other than that we had enjoyed being home and relaxing!

Here is a silly picture to leave you with! Bens scraped his head last night so I tied a cold wheat bag to his head... He enjoyed that!!

Happy Easter everybody! I am sure we will have a lot more fun pictures to post asap!