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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Magrath Days

It has been years since I have been able to go to Magrath Days.  I think Bens had just turned 1 in fact!  It was great going and seeing so many family and friends I haven't been able to see in a long time!

It was my 10 year reunion this year so the weekend was kicked off by going to dinner with about half of my graduating class and watching old videos and opening time capsules we made in grade 6.  That was pretty good!  On Saturday we had a float in the parade and were my kids every excited that Mommy was on a float throwing candy to them!  McKay is still playing parade and sits on his big 'truck' (the couch) and throws candy out.  Saturday night he actually went missing and we found him by Nana's garden throwing rocks as candy!

Sunday came and it was time to come back home.  Benson had spent a month at my parents house so we brought him home and left Kimber behind to play with Nana, Papa and 5, yes 5, of her cousins.  Thanks Nana and Papa!!

Now I wasn't around for the parade pictures but Kimber looks like she is learning the beauty queen wave.

Already raking in the loot!  All the kids got tons of candy!  Pretty much better than Halloween!

My float, good ol' class of '03!

I saved my candy for my family and was tapped out quickly!  Waving to everybody.

I missed this kid a lot!

These two sure did miss each other!  I love the bond that they have.  Benson can just get her laughing so hard!

A little bit of cheese to go with the Beef on a Bun dinner the town put on.

There are many reasons I love this picture.  Taylor for one and Bill of course wearing Audrey's hat.

An even better shot of Bill in Audrey's hat.

This girl can be entertained for hours with a bottle of water!

Kimber did not want her picture to be taken.

I kept shooting until I got a smile out of her!

McCoy Boy being funny.  He was pretty attached to my cousin Jessie, it was really sweet.

I missed this toothy grin while Bens was away!

Papa shared some candy and special cuddles with Kimber.

Bens was calling for help as his legs were stuck, naturally I laughed and took a picture.

McKay's turn for candy and snuggles with Papa.

We ended Saturday with fireworks.  We got the kids up and took them with us and they loved watching them.  Taylor perched up on Daniel's stomach making cute noises.  I am looking forward to going to more Magrath Days now that we are living closer to home!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Big 7!

7 years, 3 months and 1 day ago something special happened at the spot pictured below that forever changed my life.

This is where my sweet Daniel got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  Today is 7 years since he took me to the temple to marry him.  We have had quite the adventure in those 7 years, lots of ups and lots of downs but they have been the best 7 years!  We have moved 6 times, had 4 children, went all the way through Chiropractic school and now are working towards buying our first home.

I am grateful for the mission that he served and for the love of the Japanese people and culture that he has and shares with our family.

Sometimes I barely recognize these newly engaged kids.

I am grateful that Daniel loves our children so much.  They love having him home and snuggling with him.  He is such a wonderful example to our kids and is always trying to teach them what is right.  I have been given my 4 biggest blessings because of him and I though I go a bit crazy now and then I am truly grateful Daniel has helped me bring such wonderful children into our home.

Father's Day breakfast in bed.

I love you so much Daniel!  I really feel like the past 7 years have flown by so quickly.  I am grateful that we were sealed in the temple so that we can have eternity together.  That is one of the single most important things to me.  It gives me such hope knowing that we will be able to have not just this life together but we will share our lives with each other through out all eternity.  Thank you for choosing me to be your eternal companion.  I look forward to many more wonderful years together!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

July Fun!

We have enjoyed summer and birthdays here.

We enjoyed the pool together.

T having fun in the water, well as long as she had her ball.

Inspecting everything out.

She has a great sad face!  I love taking pictures of my kids when they cry.

She wasn't sure about laying down.

McKay wanted to go back in and wanted to put his suit on himself.  He never did get it all the way back up!

I had to bribe him to get out of the pool with jumping on Grandma's trampoline!

T loves being at Grandma's house!

Chillin' with Gramps.

We were celebrating Jared's birthday.

I think this was attempt #3 at blowing out the candles.

Taylor, I just love that face!

Taylor loved hanging out with Auntie Brooke this past week.  Brooke and Aric came up and stayed with us for Brooke's birthday.  We went to Les Mis on Thursday as a birthday present.

There was a double rainbow on Brooke's birthday.  Kimber was so excited as this was the first rainbow she could remember seeing.

I asked Brooke in the morning how old she felt, she said 30 so there we go.  After dinner she said she felt 45.  Well Happy 34th!

Surprise, the inside of the cake!

Taylor was so tired from a busy week with cousins around she fell asleep during lunch.

We have had fun this month and we are only half way through!  Stay tuned for more!  I am out for now!

Farewell Benson!

Bens left with Nana and Papa right after school let out.  He went out to BC to a cabin for the weekend and then he has been down at my parents place.  He just finished his first level of swim lessons and is a little fish!  I really miss him but I am glad he is having fun.  We will be going down in 2 weeks to pick him up.  Thank goodness for Skype!!

Taylor took a shining to Papa while they were here.  I am learning I have to abandon her with somebody to have her warm up to them!

Nana and Papa with T.

McKay telling me not to take a picture of him.


Taylor not so sure she wants to go to Nana.

Bens saying bye to Taylor.

Bens trying to say bye to McKay.

Papa may have bribed McKay with 2 nickels.  Later on he was sitting on a basket of laundry say, "I've got 8 bucks, 8 bucks"

Kimber saying bye to Papa.

More  good byes.

Attempt #2 at saying good bye!

All ready to go.

Taylor thought she would go to.

McKay shutting Papa's door for him.

I am so glad that Bens is having a good time with Nana and Papa.