Just thoughts and updates on our little family!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So this is a little late but here it is.

Last Wednesday was Daniel's and my third anniversary. We celebrated by getting Chinese take out and then went to see the new Harry Potter movie. We really enjoyed it. Thanks to some friends that babysat our little kiddos! Bens was super good for them and Kimber cried almost the whole time. It may be a while before we go to a movie again! This is the first cake that I have made for our anniversary. I had a bit of extra icing so I just added what I could to it!

The other day Daniel called me over to see how our little girl was posing. She is a real cutie!

She started to move but still so cute. Kimber has started to remind me a lot of Brooke when she was younger. Specifically when she is sleeping Kimbers mouth sits like Brooke's did.

Kimber a great little girl. She has been doing really well staying up in the evenings lately which makes for better nights. I worried that I wouldn't get a baby this time that slept as well as Bens but she has proved me wrong! I'm ok with that!

Bens has enjoyed playing in his sand box. He was telling me that the wheel barrow was a truck!

It really is nice to have something for him to play with on our cement pad of a backyard until he starts throwing the sand in the house!

Last night Bens got the much needed haircut he has needed since before Kimber was born. With the heat his hair has just been sticking to his head... hopefully he will feel a little cooler!

I don't have any pictures of this but Bens got bit on the cheek the other night by one of his friends. His cheek bruised pretty good but it is doing well now. It kinda goes with the rest of the bumps, bruises and cuts on his face these days. He likes to stand on his toys which means that he falls off of them a lot! Well what can I say... he is a little boy!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So we had a mishap with the baby powder after Kimber's bath last night! But it was too cute to pass up the photo op!

We will just say that Bens was already in bed so it was one of us that did this!

Kimber is such a good baby! We have had a couple of really bad nights but she made up for it by sleeping about 7 hours straight another night. This pic is from early yesterday evening. She was just posed so nicely!

Bens has been so good with Kimber. Whenever she cries he lets us know and he gets concerned. He even tries to comfort her. Here Bens is getting up on my lap to snuggle with Kimber and me.

Snuggles with Kimber!

I am biased but these two are the cutest and best kids!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pictures Galore!

So here are a whole bunch of pictures! This is everything from the past few weeks!

Bens ready for a walk with Nana and Papa. Daniel and I were taking advantage of being able to sleep in and Bens' jackets were in our room. He loved wearing the jacket!

Bens mowing the lawn with his Papa. Bens is missing the big backyard to play in... not so much the mosquitoes!

Bens being the cool dude his is!!

Family picture from Kimber's baby blessing. We blessed her on June 28 at my parents house so we could have the most family possible there.

A four generation picture with my mom and her mom.

Me and my little girl! She wore the dress that my mom and I both wore when we were blessed.

Bens showing some love to his cousin Audrey. She quickly had enough and pushed him away after being hugged and kissed.

This little guy kept giving us candy that he picked up. He was cute.

Bens enjoyed collecting candy at the Canada Day Parade in Raymond. Daniel took Bens up to the truck to get this big Freezie.

I realized after the parade that we hadn't taken any pictures of Kimber. She really was there so I took this picture after the parade. She slept the whole time!

Bens enjoyed getting out of the van whenever we stopped on the way back to Portland. He kept throwing rocks at the train tracks here and was sad to leave!

In the late afternoon Bens got really quiet and I looked back and saw he was playing with his toys under his blanket. What a cutie!

He finally conked out 30 minutes before getting home. He hadn't slept very much that afternoon. It worked out well though as he kept sleeping when we got home and he went straight to bed!

Happy 4 of July! It was over 100 so here are Kimber and I melting away!

Bens has been really good with Kimber. He loves to help out and tries to play with Kimber a lot. This is them 'playing' yesterday.

I have survived this week so far with being home alone in the days with our two kiddos. It wasn't as difficult as I expected which is good! I have had some offers of people willing to take Bens for a little while... I may be taking them up on it!