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Thursday, November 15, 2012


We have just finished Birthday season in our home!  Here are a couple of cute videos of my November birthday boys!

Happy birthday Daniel and McKay!  Who knew McKay was so awesome at blowing out candles?!

McKay loved blowing!  We are doing cake on Sunday night (they only got muffins on their bday) so he will have more fun blowing out candles then!

Last but certainly not least, my smiley baby.  I love her squinty eyes when she smiles!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Rachel & Spencer

We had a bit of a busy weekend here.  It was a great kind of busy though!  Daniel's only sister got married on Saturday!  I can hardly believe she is married, but we are so happy that she has found Spencer.  There are a ton of pictures here, so enjoy!  

It was quite cold but they braved it for some pictures outside the Temple.

I love their candid faces in this one!

Mom and Dad with the newlyweds!

Kimber was a flower girl and has been so excited for the wedding.  Now she keeps asking if there are 3 weddings so she can wear her dress more.  She was also really excited to hold flowers and kept asking for them.  For some reason we wouldn't let her take them in the car with us.  By the end of the night they were pretty thrashed.

Kimber was pretty inseparable from Auntie Rachel.  During the program at the family dinner Kimber kept going up and sitting on Rachel's lap.

Smelling their flowers.

There is a really special bond between these two.  Benson kept asking to have a picture taken of him and Taylor.

I need to crop this one still but I love this one!

Bateman family.  This will most likely be the last full family picture for the next 2ish years with Jordan going on his mission soon.

The couples were told to kiss each other.  Poor Jordan missing out!

Bride and Groom with our family.  This is the only family picture we have right now so this will probably be our Christmas card... not to spoil the surprise or anything!

Bateman siblings.

Giving some attitude!

Feeling the love!

This was the best picture I got of my kids with Rachel and Spencer.

The previous picture was not good enough for Benson, he had to be holding Taylor.  I sure hope they keep this relationship as they get older.  It really just melts my heart watching him with her.

So this is the last I got before my camera died.  I wanted to film their family dinner for them but my camera had other ideas.  I guess that when Spencer and Rachel first started dating Spencer, the king of puns, mentioned that it would be funny to 'cut the cheese' instead of a cake when he got married.  Well some brie was at the wedding for them to cut.  So classy!

Congrats Rachel and Spencer!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

We have been having so great Halloween fun around here this week.  Warning there are a few videos in this post!!

Getting our Pumpkin on!

Kimber got the little pumpkin from Rachel's Bridal Shower and wouldn't let us use it for the this.  When I told Daniel my idea all of a sudden she was cool with the big pumpkin eating her little one.  She carried her pumpkin around for 2 days, it was her treasure!

We brought out the costumes out for the kids to see the night before Halloween and they got pretty excited!

McKay being a puppy.

Princess Kimber, she was so excited to have a princess dress.

Hahaha!  This is my favorite!  Benson wasn't sure if he wanted to be Batman or a Vampire, specifically Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I told him he should be Batman while the costume still fit.

She is getting to be such a big girl.  I can hardly believe she will be 3 months old next week!!

Taylor and I chilled at home after doing a little Trick-or-Treating.

My cute little Taylor Monkey Mae.

McKay went out with the big kids around our complex but was pretty done.  I had him put his candy in a bowl while Benson and Kimber went out for more.

He kept putting his feet on top of the bowl and resting.  He really enjoyed getting to eat the candy!!

Kimber's incredible haul.

Benson's haul.

When Benson left for school this morning we had a layer of ice on our van.  I took this picture at 10:30 about 2 hours after he left.

This picture was just after 2.  I am loving the snow!!  I feel like we are going to have a real winter this year!!  Yay!  I was sad that the kids didn't get to go tobogganing last year.  This year for sure!