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Friday, September 7, 2012


My little man is in Kindergarten!  He is too grown up!

Here he is on Wednesday.  They did a staggered start so there were 5 kids plus parents there on Wednesday.  We got a tour of the school and filled out some papers and stuff like that.

Benson all ready to go to school.  He likes to have 'Daddy' hair when he goes to school.

 Right before we took these pictures he found out his tooth is starting to grow in!

Daniel took Benson to school this morning.  Benson knew exactly where to go to get to his outside door.  We saw where it was from inside the school only but he knew where to take Daniel.

I love this video!

Pointing at his door.

Lined up waiting to go into the school.  I am excited that I can drop him off outside and won't have to drag the kids into the school to pick him up and drop him off!

Last but not least, proof that McKay does love his little sister.  He sat on the love seat holding Taylor for a good 15 or 20 minutes.  The only reason he stopped was so he could eat lunch!

My two babies lovin' each other!