Just thoughts and updates on our little family!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Vacation Time!

So last week Daniel and I celebrated our 2 Anniversary. We had a nice time having a "date" at home while my parents took care of Bens. We had a nice dinner and watched a couple of movies. Anybody who knows me very well knows that I love weddings and wedding dresses. I tried my dress on, which barely still fits, and didn't want to take it off! So that was on the 15, our Anniversary. On the weekend we went to see The Dark Knight in theaters and ate at Chopstix. Pretty good food!!

My handsome groom!

Bens also had his first sleepover at my Aunts house. He did really well. They let him stay up late playing so he would be really tired for bed. When we picked him up in the morning he had his breakfast I sent, oatmeal and applesauce with a sippy of milk, plus bummed some juice from my Uncle. He saw someone eating a banana so he had to have some and my Aunt eating Peanut Butter Toast and had to have some. My little mooch! I love him.

Today we are leaving for the Okanagan to stay at a family cabin. We are excited to get there! Bens and I are waiting for Daniel to come home from work so we can leave. Hopefully Bens will sleep most of the way there! A lot of Daniel's extended family will be there so it will be great fun! If I get the chance I will upload some pictures while we are on our trip.

On our way home we are going to go to Edmonton for a visit. Daniel's brother is coming home from his mission next week! He left just after we got married so it will be nice to have him around again. I am excited for Jared and Bens to meet. Good thing Bens usually doesn't play strange!

Have a great week and for those coming to Magrath a great Magrath Days weekend!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Horsin' Around!

I know that I already posted today but Benson was playing with a toy horse and it was really cute. This morning he walked the horse all around the basement. This afternoon he got distracted by the camera and kept having tantrums because he couldn't have the camera. Poor kid. I'll just put up the clips and pictures of him playing with the horse!

Giving his milk a ride!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tricky Man!

So the past few days have been eventful here. We will start with Sunday night!

Benson woke up around 11:30 crying. It was a different cry so we went in and took his brace off and I sat with him for about 15 minutes just cuddling. In the morning I went in to get him up but couldn't open the door. I wish I had taken a picture because words can't give this justice. Bens had thrown the mattress out of the playpen so it was blocking the door. The sheet was on the opposite side of the playpen. His blankets and stuffed animals were thrown onto the ground as well. I looked at him and realized he had taken his socks (both pairs) and his pants were off! Too top this off there were holes in the side of the playpen that were a couple of inches in diameter and the mattress protector had some plastic ripped off. Yikes! So Benson started sleeping in the crib in the laundry room on Monday.

On Tuesday we went swimming at the town pool. Benson looked so cute in his water wings! I tell you I have never been hugged so much as when we were swimming on Monday! (That says a lot considering how Daniel and I started dating!) Benson started yawning in the pool so we came home and he went down for a nap. I started to clean the bathroom just as Benson woke up so I hurried so all the cleaning products would be away before I got him out. I walked into the laundry room and the crib was at an angle (we took the wheels off to stop him from rolling it around the room) and the crib was empty. I look around and see books and puzzles on the ground and Benson standing in his sleeping bag/robe holding a badminton racket! He then quickly made a dash out of the room!

The solution - He is back in a playpen and has a lightweight sleeping bag/robe (it's a sleeping bag that has arm holes and comes right up to the neck) to keep his brace from making holes in it. He is still throwing everything out if he is left in there too long!

Oh, well! Really all I can do is laugh! I wished I had gotten pictures of all this but I was stunned in the moment!

We went swimming again yesterday and Bens did a lot better! He let me hold his tummy and let him float around. I let him go sometimes while he concentrated on everything around him. He is doing really well! Hopefully I will have a water baby by the end of the summer!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Canada Day!

I put what has been known in our family as "Boops" on Benson recently. He has enjoyed them a lot! He will take off his socks and carry the Boops around until someone puts them on him. He is such a cutie!

Last week, on a little bit of a sad note, Bens got his fingers shut in the door of our van. I put him in his stroller and as I shut the door of the van he stuck his hand out. Poor little guy was so sad. We ran into Wal-Mart and the door greeter quickly got us some help. Luckily Bens only bruised on one finger and bled a tiny bit on another. Lesson learned that I must keep him far from the door when I shut it!

Bens loves to play on any bed... here he had been wrestling with his dad on the bed.

I hope everybody had a wonderful Canada Day! We had a nice day. We went to the Raymond Parade with Nana and Grandpa, Aunt Jacqui, Uncle Graham and Audrey. Benson loved going to pick up the candy but would cry every time we made him put it in the bucket. He would go get more and cheer up and cry again as he put it in the bucket. Next year will be a lot of fun as he will understand the concept more!

After the parade we came home and had a lovely lunch and a great thunderstorm. That meant we couldn't eat our lunch out under the metal gazebo though. My mom made a wonderful cheesecake with strawberries on top that made the Canadian Flag. All in all we had a great long weekend! We hope all of you did and that all our American family and friends have a wonderful 4 of July!