Just thoughts and updates on our little family!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pictures, Surgery and More.

So some people may already know but I went in for a small surgery on Monday. Nothing major! I have been having abdominal pain and didn't know why so they went in to take a look around to see what was going on. Kinda strange but the doctor didn't come and talk to Daniel or me after the surgery so we still don't know what it was. I am recovering now and have had a lot of help from family. Mycousin's wife took Benson on Monday and yesterday and my Mom has been taking care of Benson today.

It has been nice to be at home and settle back into a normal routine after our vacation. Bens turned 16 months old yesterday and has gotten quite the sense of humor with it! He was hiding around the corner from us yesterday and played peek-a-boo with us. When he finally walked into the room he let out a loud "ha-ha". What a smart kid!

Benson super cute moment for the week though happened at church on Sunday. Daniel was out in the hallway with Bens near the end of Relief Society/Priesthood and they were walking towards the RS room. All of a sudden Bens started running towards this little girl and gave her a huge hug. He just stood there smiling and hugging her. Daniel came and got me out to see and then Bens let go and walked away. He turned around and ran back and started hugging her again. I think he is trying to learn from how his Daddy snagged me up or something! Now he has officially had his first kiss (around 9 months old he and a girl in our ward crawled to each other and kissed) and his first hug at church!

I can't remember if I wrote this while I was gone or not but my sister is getting married in September. We are super excited for Brooke and Aric. They got engaged just before I left for Utah and have decided to get married before Daniel and I go to Portland. We are glad they decided to do that for us! So that is all the big news on my front. Here are a few my favorite pictures from my cousins wedding as well. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


So Bens and I are enjoying our trip here in Utah. Our trip down took an extra 3 hours because of border crossings and a wrong turn! Oops! Bens did really well with traveling down.

My cousins wedding was really nice. I did a slideshow for them and that was a lot more complicated than it needed to be but it has all worked out and looks great. I will add some of my favorite when I get back to Canada. The Open House last night here at my Aunt and Uncle's house was really nice. The weather even cooperated. The wind died down just before the reception and it started to sprinkle ten minutes before it ended. We had dark clouds glooming around through out the day so it could have poured!

I should be going. I need to get ready for church. With just me with Benson I am only going to 1 hour of church so I don't go crazy! Have a great Sunday!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Home... for a bit!

We made it home after a wonderful vacation! Bens and I are only here until Thursday though when we go down to Utah for my cousins wedding.

We spent a week in the Okanagan and enjoyed the beautiful lake. Bens didn't like getting in the water but once he did he would swim around with his water wings. He liked to get into two man dingies and float around with his Auntie Rachel or Uncle Jordan. He was such a good sport! He has a nice little tan now.

Our first day at the cabin Daniel and I went across the lake with a bunch of his cousins and Aunts and Uncles to go cliff jumping. I have never been interested in doing that so I jumped off a rock that ranged from 6 to - 2 inches from water level. I was goofing around and therefore my thigh hit the water weird. Luckily I was the only one to have an "injury" of sorts.

On Benson's 15 month birthday (July 26) we went and visited Daniel's Aunt Heidi at her new cabin on the Okanagan Lake. We had a lot of fun playing in sand, swimming and just relaxing. Benson especially liked being able to play in the sand. He liked grabbing handfuls of sand and dropping them beside him. He was really cute!

Daniel and Daddy Danny (Daniels new name for his dad!) helped in the beginning stages of putting a play set together. Once all the landscaping is done it will be a beautiful little spot. There is a nice little swimming area shelter by rocks that we were able to play in.

On Wednesday we made our way to Edmonton and made it back in time to greet Jared at the airport. He came home from his mission in Carlsbad, California. It was great seeing him again. It was neat seeing Benson and Jared together as they had not met yet. Jared was good with him but unsure how to hold him.

We finally made back here yesterday and have unpacked and done wash. Now it is time for me to pack up for our trip to Utah. I am flying back next Thursday so I won't be gone from Daniel too long! It will be nice to home again but I am looking forward to the wedding! Anyways, I should be off. Have a wonderful week!

On our way to the Okanagan... what a cutie!

Having fun in the sun!

Bens wasn't too sure if he wanted to play with the pool noodle!

Having fun with Uncle Jordan and Mom on the water trampoline.

Bens loved being around Cocoa the dog... he would stick his hands in the cage and poke Cocoa. She was a good sport about it!