Just thoughts and updates on our little family!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Our House...

In the middle of our street.  I don't know why I have that song in my head but I do.  I also have 'I am slowly going crazy, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 switch' stuck there as well.  That one explains my day a bit though.

Here are my kiddos playing something together the other day.  I am not sure what but they seemed pretty happy doing it.

Kimber keeps wanting to be like Mom, Dad, and Benson and wears these sunglasses from the eye Dr's.  I got sick of putting the lenses back in so I just threw them out.   Her smile makes it even better!

McKay has been acting like a cool dude lately.  He loves wearing his baseball cap, especially backwards.

Kimber after having a breakfast of champions, long john donut, chocolate chip banana muffin and a smoothie.

McKay switching from cool dude to studious.  

So as I was about to start this post Benson came up to me bawling, consequently sounding like at dying cat.  Being the loving mother I am I mocked him before asking what was wrong.  Turns out he hit his mouth on our DVD shelf.  I, once again being loving, told him to get over it.  He continued to cry until I looked at it.  Yes, my 5 year old Benson has a loose tooth.  I proceeded to tell him what was going to happen.  He got more and more scared as I told him we would pull the tooth out but was delighted at the end to hear he would get money from the tooth fairy.  Now he won't stop touching his tooth and even has toilet paper stuck on his mouth to catch any blood that comes.  Well hopefully the next couple of days won't be too rough.

Baby Shower

Last Saturday I helped host a baby shower for my Sister and her sweet little Sylas.  It was pretty low key but lots of fun.

I made the cupckakes and supplied candy for the candy bar.

I went a little overboard with the candy.  I went to the Bulk Barn and got tons of blue candy.  30 something $ later we left the store.  Most of the candy here (the jeans have a bowl in them as well) I left for Brooke and Aric to enjoy.  We are still working on our share here at our house.

Robin made the appetizers and drinks for us.  I over ate and had little room for dinner that day!

Brooke showing off her presents.  These are Sketcher socks that look like shoes.

An outfit that came with the 'shocks'.

Mom, I didn't take a picture of your present to Brooke and Sylas but I think you may recognize it.  Brooke opened it and said it was the exact same one you gave Naomi.  Brooke loves it so she is keeping it.  They will just have to label the baby album well and look at the pictures before putting new info into it!

It was a nice afternoon.  Benson came with me and was my special helper.  I think he liked it because he got full reign on Brooke's iPad.  Lucky boy!

I just realized I didn't take a picture of the man of the hour.  I have yet to take a picture of him at all.  Well if you want to see the cutie you will have to look at Brooke's blog and see him.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

May begins...

Finally I am putting pictures up of Bensons birthday!  For some reason this picture was loading sideways, so just turn your head!  Benson remembered what he wanted for his cake from February.

Do you think the cake resembles this?  I tried to get him to want something else but he wanted his snow monster.  But really this was the easiest cake we have made yet!

I postponed Benson's party a week as there was a lot of family that couldn't make it on the original date and there was NO way I was going to be ready.  It was really low key but Benson had a great time which is what matters.

Kimber is so beautiful when she eats cake.

Benson wanted his video taken too.  Amazingly enough Benson makes more of a mess eating than McKay does most of the time!  This also has the only clip of McKay this post.

Kimber came up to me the other day wanting pretty hair and handed me the wig.  It goes with her shirt so well!

I braided my hair a couple of weeks ago and Kimber has been begging me for them ever since.

Yesterday she came out of her room with the biggest poopy mess I have dealt with since Benson painted his walls in his nap.  After having to bath her to get it out of her hair etc, I braided her hair to keep it out of the way!  Today I tried to take them out to give her wavy hair and she just about lost it so in went the elastics again.  She has major frizzy bed head now.

Now back in March I tried to upload a video of Kimber singing and it didn't work so I finally got it on Facebook today.  Check it out!

Benson is doing really well with his glasses.  Ok, he is doing well for a 5 year old with glasses.  We got them 2 weeks ago today and we have already had to take them in to be adjusted and get a nose pad adjusted once.  We need to go in again and have the exact same thing done again though.  Brooke even adjusted the glasses when she was here for the party.  Ok, maybe he hasn't done well but he is getting used to them and keeps them on most of the time now!