Just thoughts and updates on our little family!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Utah Trip

Daniel and I have been enjoying our break from school. I am getting sad to think that it is half over and Daniel is going to start studying/tutoring tomorrow. Well we did have a fun time on our trip to Utah. Unfortunately we didn't have our camera with us. Daniel's Gram was kind enough to lend us hers while we were visiting with her so we got some pictures on Temple Square.

We spent the beginning of our trip with my Aunt and Uncle in Park City and then made our way down to Orem and visited with family and friends from our old ward in Provo. Daniel and Bens got to go to a BYU football game while Kimber and I went to the Relief Society Broadcast.

We got a picture of our family of 4 by entrance 4 of the Conference Center. Bens didn't want to have his picture taken... the sun in our eyes doesn't help either!

Here is a nice picture of the temple but we aren't showing up very well.

Daddy/Son picture by the fountain. Bens had fun say 'Cheese' for the camera.

Our little Kimber added into the picture!

I have always seen pictures on the round platform with the temple in the back but never knew where it was so we found it and did some pictures. Kimber was super happy to be out of her car seat... maybe she has spent to much time in it so far in her life!

Family picture in the same spot.

We took Bens by the North visitor's center and took him up to see the Christus statue. I love this picture! We asked him who the statue was on and he finally said 'Jesus'.

Bens loved playing with the 'babies' at my Aunt and Uncles house. He found my cousin's old play area under the stairs and there were tons of dolls and strollers under there. He started carrying one around with him all the time. He took one of Kimber's blankets and would have the doll wrapped up in it and even slept with it.

Well we are beat and want to get to bed. Have a great night!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Playing Pretend

Bens has been really big into pretend play lately. He has been having tea parties using his tools as utensils and cars as cups. There is more to come about his pretending but for now here is a cute picture of him from the other day.

I looked over at Bens and he had put his chair up on the recliner and had a grand ol' time!

I got Bens up from his nap this afternoon and he had this popple beside him by his bed and they were 'eating fries'. I wrapped the popple up like I swaddle Kimber and he brought it down here. The videos I am posting show how he was playing pretend with the popple!

Bens was so cute and careful as he changed his popple!

A few weeks ago we were at a friends birthday party and Bens was having a lot of fun there. He had a teddy bear that he was taking care of. He decided that it was time to feed and he lifted up his shirt and stuck the bears head under his shirt to feed it. Bens burped the bear and then switched sides. He was very modest while doing this. I guess he has seen this around the house or something... I am glad he took on the modest end of it! Jeff videoed it but I don't have a copy of it... this is how it happened at our house!

This is a video of Kimber cooing. She didn't break out into an actual laugh but she was pretty happy that Daniel was talking to her. These are some pretty great kids!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finals Week

It is finals week here so naturally that means that Daniel isn't taking his finals! This is the third out of four quarters that Daniel will have to make up his exams after he gets back after the break. Unfortunately Daniel came down with the flu over the weekend and the school specifically pulled him out of class last week asking him to stay home for at least 5 days if he got flu symptoms. One of the students he has been tutoring came down with the 'Swine' flu. We have been spending a lot of time at home this week as a family. It is nice to have him here with us but I kinda wish he was taking his exams so he didn't have to do it next quarter!Here are some nice things about our house right now. Our little kiddos! Kimber was pretty out on Sunday night so I decided to take some pictures and video of her. We just love her. She is growing so fast... I think she has doubled her birth weight now and she is 2 1/2 months old.

Kimber loves her swing. She falls asleep there quite a bit but she just looked so cute posed like this!

I sat Kimber on the couch and Bens sat down beside her. I took a couple of pictures but I like this one as he is kissing her. He loves his little sister and loves to kiss her.

Kimber's sleeping video... I could not wake her up!

This is a little bit later when she was awake and loving being naked on the floor!

Well I hope your week is a little bit better than ours has been. Enjoy the videos.