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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mother's Day and such

Mother's Day was great this year. I may have given a small hint to Daniel that I wanted flowers. Well I actually was napping on Saturday and Daniel took the kids out and I thought that when he got back he had flowers but he had just dropped something off in the house and came back later.

These are the flowers he got me. I love them. As of today they have turned a little too far and need to be thrown away but not bad having them around for a week!

I took a picture of the flowers so of course Bens needed his picture taken... what a cutie!

Then Bens told me that Kimber needed her picture taken. I don't think she was happy about that!

What else has happened here? Daniel is still in school... we are on the downward half of the quarter and school in general. We are happy about that!

Oh yes... I got my lenses put into a different pair of glasses as mine had seen better days! Bens kept asking where 'two glasses are'? I finally put them on him for a few minutes. He looks pretty cute. He hasn't asked about them since he wore them. I will post a picture of my new glasses soon but I didn't feel like taking my picture today.

One last thing that has been going on here, for anybody that doesn't know yet either through Facebook or word of mouth, we are pregnant again. We are expecting baby #3 in mid November. To answer a few FAQ... yes it is planned and Kimber and baby will be about 17 months apart. We are excited to bring another baby into our family.

I know... enough for one day! I hope everybody will keep on going past this post as there are four posts today! I have been procrastinating all month and today is the day that I am doing it all!! Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!

A Day at the Zoo!

It was b-e-a-utiful last week so we went to the zoo on Thursday with a few of our friends. Thanks for the call Bethany!! Benson's friends Chandler and Davey were there and they had a great time seeing all the animals!

It was Field Trip Day at the Zoo and it was Crazy!! We got separated from everybody so I took the chance to film the two kiddos together.

There is a petting zoo area and they have a tractor for the kids to play on. Bens was more interested in that than petting the animals!!

This is the best picture of the boys that I could get the video I did is even better!! They had a lot of fun finding places to stand and slide and hide!

How cute are they? We had a hard time having them keep their hands down long enough to get a picture! Definitely a great video op!

This has always been one of Benson's favorite places to stop at the zoo. With all the fielder trippers it got a little busy. It is a tight area as well so to get a stroller in there is crazy. Thankfully Lisa went in with the boys and I stayed by the strollers.

Our little girls second trip to the zoo. She did really well and was happy the whole time. She was so cute chilling in her stroller. She would prop her feet up on the tray of the stroller, I just wish somebody would push me around all day so I could do that!

Kimber waiting for the boys while they played for a bit. She was a delight!!

Birthday Week with Nana and Papa

Bens had great fun having Nana and Papa here.

He got to have a special birthday lunch at McDonald's with just Nana and Papa.

Posing with Ronald McDonald himself!

Papa and Benson chowing down on food.

Playing in the Play Place. He was in little boy heaven!

I don't know where this was taken but he was pretty cute in his rain gear.

Daniel and I were able to go to the temple with my parents so we took some pictures down by the fountain.

We ended our week by going out to Seaside and stayed with my Aunt and Uncle at a RV campground. It was lots of fun. We went to the beach and walked around. Bens was asleep when we got there but when he woke up we took him out onto the sand. He wasn't happy... this was the best picture my mom got.

Bens got his very first carousel ride and loved it! I wasn't sure if he was going to enjoy it but by the end I thought we were going to have tears getting off. Luckily one ride was good enough!

Every time we came around I got Bens to say 'Yee-Haw!' It was pretty cute. He picked the seahorse by himself to ride on. It was fun watching him on it. I got a little sick spinning around but I'm old compared to him!

Papa and Kimber saying good-bye.

Each picture was better of one or the other... Kimber sure loved being with Nana and Papa. She does have a Mom complex right now though so she wouldn't stay in their arms for very long at a time.

Playing with her shoes... she loves shoes but only to play with. Keeping them on her feet is a huge battle!!

Bens saying good-bye to Nana and Papa. He was such a good boy and had a lot of fun having a whole week of birthday! He really misses seeing his Nana and Papa!

Bens' Birthday

So I might be coming close to being a month late on this post but here it is!

Bens was so excited to have his Nana and Papa here. Since then he talks about them coming and I have to remind him that they came already.

Here are a few videos of him opening his presents. He opened them all the day before his birthday as that is when we had our family party. After the family thing we had some friends over for cake and ice cream

These have been a pretty big hit! Daniel found these on the internet and they were cheaper than toy ones. They should last a bit longer too!

He looks so cute wearing these!

This is the masterpiece called Bens' cake! I couldn't have done this without Daniel's help. It took the majority of a Saturday to make it.

All was good and well until we tried to put it in the fridge. The cardboard was just a bit too big. We worked it out though and no harm was done.

Happy birthday song when our friends came over. This was the first year he actually blew out his candles. Last year he just didn't get it.

How could I not post this?