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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Bir-day!!

We are in Magrath right now enjoying the snow (well most of it has melted now but it is still chilly out there) for a couple of weeks.  My Mom came down on the train last week and drove back with me and the kids so we could visit for a couple of weeks.  They just got their mission call on Tuesday to the Apia, Samoa mission and will be reporting May 30 so this was our last chance to come and visit with them.  Daniel will be coming up on the train next Thursday and then we will all drive back to Portland on the following Saturday.

Benson has been having the best of times here.  He has spent time out in the shop helping Papa build a bed (every time there was a loud noise he would run and hide in the mesanine (nor sure on the spelling for that one!) until it was quiet again).  He went swimming with his Auntie Brooke after patiently enduring car troubles for a couple of hours.  He kept trying to comfort my sister's 5 month old daughter by saying "It's ok Naomi, the car just won't start.  They're trying to fix it."

Today was probably the most fun for Benson though.  Pictures will have to come at a later date.  He informed my sister that it was her 'happy bir-day'.  We made a cake for her complete with candles to blow out.  He made a 'Christmas tree' (a rocking horse and collapsible tunnel with blankets and an exercise ball on top... with an oragami star on top) to put all her presents under.  After dinner we played animal charades, sang songs, opened presents and ate cake.  He was most insistent that it was Brooke's birthday... it was really funny!

We have more fun to come so I will have to post more about our vacation in the next couple of days.  Most of Daniel's family is coming down to visit this weekend so there are bound to be more stories!

Kimber has been having a great time here as well.  She has taken on her Houdini skills again, though that is a story for another post!  She got caught up on her immunizations today and has been pretty good considering she got poked 4 times today.  I wanted to cry though as I was holding her still with tears just streaming down her chubby little cheeks.  She has officially only gained 3 and a bit pounds in the past year and 3 months.  She is now in the 90 % for weight and 75 % for height so I am just fine with this news!

I keep thinking of more to write, maybe for my own purposes of keeping records.  McKay and his cousin Naomi were weighed the other day.  They are the same length, heads are the same size and Naomi weighs 10 oz more than McKay.  Naomi is 1 month and 3 days older than McKay.  They are so cute!!

I must be off to bed.  Everybody here is trying to get me to go to bed early and it never seems to be as early as we planned on!  I got sick the day after we got here, naturally, which is why everybody is trying to herd me off to bed!  I am sure another post will be coming soon.  Hopefully there will be pictures!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bells Palsy

So for the past couple of weeks Daniel has been dealing with Bells Palsy.  The left side of his face has been paralyzed.  I had him take these pictures/video on Sunday to share with all of you.  Sunday was a turning point for him though.  He moved his lips a tiny bit to start to smile.  Well it was more of a twitch.

Daniel has been doing really well dealing with all of this.  He has had to manually blink his left eye and was adding artificial tears to help keep his eye from drying out.  He also has taken my jokes fairly well.  I am glad he has a sense of humor!  The kids didn't seem to notice how he looked.