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Saturday, August 6, 2016

July Picture Overload!

July went by in a big hurry!  It sure was packed with a lot of fun though!

Kimber trying out her new hula hoop.  I love this, it looks like the hula hoop is levitating!

Daniel and I went and saw Newsies at the Jubilee as part of our anniversary celebrations.  It has been 10 years.  I couldn't have asked for a better man to be with through all of our ups and downs and the crazy that is our life!

Our actual anniversary was spent being Ma and Pa to 10 amazing kids on trek this year.  This is 8 of our kids with us and our 'uncle'.  If you ever get the chance to go on trek, DO IT!  Same goes for your kids!  It was amazing to see how these kids worked together and the change that came through our 4 days together.

Just my feet after trek.  Yikes!

My bottom lip swelled up the day after trek from sunburn.  I know now that I really don't want to get botox.  This was not the worst swollen lip that was seen on trek though!

After getting our kids from my parents house, thank you for babysitting, we went to the Heritage Festival.  We ate lots of yummy food from around the world and had a few cute photo ops!

We were happy to find any shade we could!  We also got to eat some delicious lemon and raspberry sherbet in the shade.  It was a hot afternoon but once we got the bus to leave the clouds rolled in and a major storm rolled in.  The festival ended up closing early and people were evacuated out due to flooding.  We had great timing!

Riding the train home.

They enjoyed being able to take the bus and the train.

The older enjoyed standing on the train with Daniel's rule of anybody older than 6 could stand.

We also tie-dyed some shirts that week and the kids love wearing their colorful shirts!

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